I would like to recommend the Be Happy agency to anyone who is trying to find that special someone in there life.Russian women are unlike any other women of the world as they have very good old fassion values and have ...

Alina from Zaporozhye

15 Dec 2014
Alina from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
07 Dec 2014
BeHappy2Day introduces an amazing lady Alena from Nikolaev
28 Nov 2014
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David from Minnesota

      Originally my plan was not to go to Tver. I was going to meet a gal that I had written to for 3 months. About a week before I departed than she said that she might not make it due to financially problems. So than I contacted Be Happy. They said that I could come and gave me contact information. So when my gal had not come to Moscow after 2 days I went to Tver. They picked me up with a interpreter in Hotel Ukraina and took me to Tver. During my stay I stayed in the apartment that they rent for you. I would recommend the apartment over a hotel. It gives you a better feel as to how the gals live and in what conditions. T he shower had hot water not cold like at Ukraine. The office staff was very friendly and would say hi to you when they saw you. Elena tried very hard to line up dates for me at the last minute. I would recommend Be Happy and Tver as a place to go to if you live in a smaller city or even in a somewhat rural area. The gals treat you very nice on dates. If you want to contact me please do and put questions about Tver on subject line.

David from Minnesota

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