Why do western men choose Russian women?

Using French perfumes, wearing a Swiss watch and Italian shoes, driving Japanese cars, watching American movies and… having a Russian wife. No surprise! That is a life of excellence!

Marrying a Russian or Ukrainian lady appears to have become a trendy tendency for many men in many countries who seek a warm, loving, romantic, attentive and exceptional companion and wife. What is really behind this trend and why do western men look beyond their own borders and choose to wed Russian women?

While each man naturally has his own reasons for seeking a Russian wife, we would all like a simple answer to this puzzling question. Annual statistics definitely prove a growing number of these international marriages, so again: Why is it so?

The answer is really quite simple: Russian women have the three most desirable features that can make an ideal wife for a man.

So why is it so? The answer is: Russian women turn out to have the 3 main features that can make an ideal wife for a man.

  1. 1. Appearance

    While there are many beautiful women in every country, Russian women understand beyond all others the art of femininity. They have natural beauty and they have class. They know how to dress elegantly in the latest styles and fashion trends and understand how to apply makeup beautifully and tastefully to enhance their sparkling features.

  2. 2. Family values

    Russian women have long been praised for being the best homemakers, greatest cooks and most loving mothers. Deeply rooted in the Russian culture is the belief in the value and importance of the family and home and girls are raised to become loyal wives and attentive mothers.

  3. 3. Intelligence

    Russia has a rich culture and a long and fascinating history. The Russian people are known for their introspective qualities and interest in understanding human nature and life. Many Russian women have a high education, are curious about the world and can talk about many different topics. Most of them are thoughtful individuals with their own ideas and views and a unique Russian soul.

These are the qualities that are so highly valued, not only by men in Russia, but also by men in many other countries.

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