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Ernest and Karolina

Good afternoon dear friends!

Where does the fairy tale begin? In my opinion, it begins where dreams come true. My story began right here on this website. At one point, I was very disappointed that I could not find a worthy man in Ukraine, my homeland, so I decided that it was worth trying to look for love on the internet. And so that is how I came to be on this site.

Very soon…

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Marcel, Switzerland

Thank you for the second chance! My life had been a dull road since I had lost my wife and honestly, it was my son who made me register here. At the same time, far away in Siberia, Dasha’s son made her do the same. Well, now these two are joined at the hip and have two loving parents as we’ve married last summer. Thank you and our boys for our happiness!

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Yulia and Vic

Hello! I am Yulia )!

Guys! If you are still looking for the person who will fill your life with love, passion, fun and care - you definitely must join here! I know for certain that here it is possible to meet the partner of your dreams!

I want to start with the fact that previously I was rather sceptical about online dating. It always seemed to me to be frivolous, and I thought that people wore…

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Victoria and Dave

Hello to everyone from a beautiful country - Ukraine! My name is Victoria and I am writing this to thank this website and my local agency for helping me to find a loved one and happiness! I am not one of those people who complain about failure, a poor choice of partners or simply a lack of good men in my country. I am one of those who believes in the power of thought, who looks…

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Cheng, Germany

I left China long ago in childhood and all of my family and friends are here in Bremen. German women have never seemed the right type for me, and I decided to get back to my roots. Here on this site I looked through their blog and the next moment Linda invited me to chat with her. Three month like one single moment! I was right, my heart belongs to China, to my beautiful Linda…

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Rob, Canada

What a whirlwind! One minute I was alone and bored out my brain and then – wham! – there she was on the other end of a direct message.  I thought her picture must be filtered or something – may be from about a dozen years ago.  I met Oksana a few days ago and nope – she was still as stunning as her profile pics.  I could not be happier – I might have found someone I could stick…

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Yulia and Mahmoud

Good afternoon! My name is Yulia! I'm from Êiev.

Life is full of opportunities which means that grabbing luck by the tail can be fun! So, once I had decided that I had been sad for long enough, I decided it was high time to start taking action and I registered on this website. To start with, I want to say that I am very grateful to this site, all its employees, and also…

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Yani, Finland

At first, I didn’t understand why I should pay for communication with ladies. But when I called my sweetheart, I realized that her English was not good enough for speaking. The translator helped us to understand each other. This phone call worth the money I paid for it.

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Yulia and Rickard

Good afternoon! My name is Yulia! I'm from Êiev.

Hello you guys! I am writing this to share my experience of being on this site and to give some advice to those who are still thinking about whether to register or not, to come here to find someone they can love. My answer is definitely yes! It’s worth trying, it’s worth taking steps to find your happiness! This website is reliable and…

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Anna and Derek

Good day! My name is Anna.

Here is my experience on this site. You know I think it’s a great way to meet a good man and be happy with him. You have nothing to lose and can only make friends. When I came to this site I didn’t know quite what to expect but when Derek wrote to me, I was impressed by him. He is such a kind and nice man…

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