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Yulia and Mikle

Hello, everyone! My name is Yulia! I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I want to share my thoughts and feelings about this site. I came here to make friends, find love and to understand people better. Of course the most important thing was to find my man. Now I really do understand other people better and I hope I will meet more and more interesting people.

I met Mikle here. He is so interesting, intelligent and…

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Yana and Viktor

Hello everyone. My name is Yana. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.

I want to tell you about my experience here on this site. First I want to say how very happy I am that I registered here. It was the right decision. Everyone is very good at their job and so kind to me.

I had a lovely meeting with Victor. We didn’t talk for a long time, just a few chats, and then…

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Stephen and Nataliya

All my life I’ve had bad luck in meeting a man who would appreciate and respect me.

But I decided that I had nothing to lose and decided to try my luck on this dating site. Almost immediately after I had registered I found a very attractive man with blue eyes and I dared to take the first step myself.

But, like a real man, he instantly took the initiative into his own hands…

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Guillermo, Mexico

An old bachelor, my friends and family have given up on me long ago. I’ll be laughing at their faces when I introduce Alla to them! Right after this mess is over, I’m coming to Dnipro to organize everything and take her home with me!

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Viktoriya and Matthew

Hello everybody! My name is Viktoriya.

I want to share my story with you. I met Matthew on this site and we had the great fortune to spend several days together. It was awesome, especially because I never believed that something like that could happen to me.

Ok, I want to say that thanks to the site and agency we started to communicate and immediately felt that we had a lot in common. Despite the…

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Lucien, Germany

Now it is hard to go through all that happens without a partner, a beautiful lady who loves and understands you, who cares for you and helps you see something bright in the future. That is what Ira is for me, a lighthouse, a light that guides me through this horrible storm. I can't possibly express how happy and thankful I am that you helped us meet here.

John and Lihong

John and Lihong fell in love and are now getting married.

John joined our site a few years ago after he had been single for a while and was tired of being lonely. He told us that he loved Asian ladies and wanted to find a loving, romantic, faithful and kind woman who he would love and cherish every single day and night. Although he chatted to a few ladies on the site, he had…

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Svetlana and David

Good day dear friends!

My name is Svetlana !

I want to share my experience here on this site. I hope it will be useful for you to know about this site and the agency. I had not been on the site and with my agency for very long but I knew they were really professional from the very first moment.

On my first day on this site I began to communicate with David. He was…

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Jeremy and Oksana

Love is so unpredictable. It is very hard to believe that somewhere on the internet you will find somebody who will become an important part of your life. We had been corresponding for a long time and I received many lovely gifts. He was so romantic and made me feel like a very special lady.

We could talk about anything and everything for hours and hours. Our conversations were full of humor and sincere feelings…

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Lena and Larry

Hello everyone! I really want to thank this site, and in particular, my local agency for such huge help in my search for love. How glad I am that we live in the modern world and the internet gives us so many opportunities - even to find our partner for life! I am so glad that I decided to register here because my experience has taught me that anything is possible! Finding love in a completely…

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