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Tommy from Norway and Angela from the Ukraine

Like many fate­ful meet­ings, my ac­quain­tance with Tom­my be­gan quite by ac­ci­dent. One night when I couldn’t sleep I de­cid­ed to look at the pro­files of men on the site. I was in­vit­ed to chat by a very nice man who in­vit­ed me to cof­fee! That night! It turned out that he was in my ci­ty. There was no end to my sur­prise. At the time I had not learned to speak En­glish so the trans­la­tor agreed to help me. Of course, this was a re­al ad­ven­ture but I de­cid­ed to take a chance!

We met. We spent a won­der­ful hour and a half to­gether! We chatt­ed, we held hands, we laughed. We were so excit­ed to meet each other and we met again the next day which was Tom­my’s last day in Niko­laev.

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Andreas, Norway

BeHappy2Day put an end to my bachelor life and I have no regrets! I still can’t believe Julia said “Yes”! to my marriage proposal! Words cannot express how grateful I am to the site!

Peter, Canada

I wanted to meet a new lady after I retired but I was reluctant to start dating within my small social circle and so I signed up to BeHappy2Day. I’d travelled to Ukraine and Russia with work and I knew that the women in this area were striking as well as interesting. I took my time in getting to know the site and the ladies and I used to be full of anticipation to…

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Lukas, Germany

Hi! As a former member of Behappy2Day I would be glad to give my feedback. I am already not that young and I hate wasting my time on flirting around. So my only goal on the site was to find a decent Russian woman for marriage. And guess what - within the space of five months, I met my lady and we had a date in real life. We’ve already announced our engagement!
Thanks from the bottom…

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Karl from the USA and Olga from the Ukraine

This is a story about true love, understanding that no matter how far, distance is not a barrier for two people who are in love.

This is a story about true love, understanding that no matter how far, distance is not a barrier for two people who are in love.

This story began in 2009 when I registered with a dating agency. A few months passed and, although I met many good and interesting men, there was no spark. And then one day I logged onto the website and a man invited me to chat.

We began to talk often, almost every day. We shared secrets, news, everything that happened in our lives. Our chats were so interesting; we always had things to talk about. We discussed politics and science too.…

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Jerry, Canada

Single for ten years, desperate for company, determined to break my bad luck in love but absolutely lost as to where to begin! Thank goodness I found BeHappy2Day.com because everything has changed and all within two months of signing up. I’ve chatted to several ladies via the site and met one woman who I can’t stop thinking about. I have to say that the advice that is offered by the site is second to…

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Elvin, Sweden

If I had known earlier that my destiny lived in Ukraine, I would not have wasted my time dating Swedish women! BeHappy2Day just opened my eyes. I realized my life would be complete only with a tender and family-oriented Ukrainian woman next to me. And I am happy I met such a lady on the site! A thousand thanks!

Sean, Canada

I met Olga on the site a year ago and from our first conversation to every chat we have today, I fall more deeply in love. This woman was made for me and I still can’t believe that I found her through a website. BeHappy2Day is the only dating site that I would recommend to friends as I am so confident in the variety of ladies, the support tools and the commitment to security.…

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Diego, Switzerland

BeHappy2Day made my dream about a big family come true. My meeting with Tatiana was a turning point in my life. Like me, she was a single parent bringing up her little son. We started dating online but after a year we met in Ukraine and our love story continued in real life. I am so happy we have mutual feelings and even our boys became good friends. I visit Tatiana every two months…

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Dylan, the USA, Georgia

I find that ladies from Ukraine share the same important values as I do. They appreciate loyalty, are committed to their families and recognise the importance of being faithful. BeHappy2Day allowed me to meet the most beautiful ladies who had so much in common with me and I have enjoyed every moment of being a member. I speak to some women in a platonic way, getting to know more about their country and culture…

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