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Marvin and Jing Wen

Mar­vin and Jing Wen start­ed talk­ing to each other on our web­site in 2014.

Their re­la­tion­ship has come a long way since then. At first, Jing Wen didn’t even know how to speak En­glish so com­mu­ni­ca­tion was a huge deal back then. She knew that she could not re­ly on our trans­la­tors for­ev­er if she want­ed to be with Mar­vin so she start­ed to learn En­glish from scratch.…

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Derrick and Valeria

Look at me. How would I de­scribe my­self? In a few words, I am a dream­er and I do be­lieve that ev­ery dream can come true. I came here to find the love of my life. Sad­ly I had al­ways been un­lucky in love be­fore.

I have al­ways known what I want­ed to find.... that is why when I saw Der­rick for the first time I had a warm feel­ing…

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Dennis, Belgium

This is a story I have never imagined to happen. I joined this site after one friend of mine had recommended it. What could I possibly lose? So I started searching without any high hopes but Liza found me herself. She invited me for chatting and we can’t stop talking since. We have spent a lot of wonderful hours talking about our bright future together. She is my one and only and I think…

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Larisa and Fernando

It is my turn to tell you about our first date. He came in­to my life like a flash­bulb! I liked him im­me­di­ate­ly!

We met at the lo­cal park in my home town on a Sun­day, just three months af­ter we had first met on­line. He asked me to go for a walk and I liked this idea! We had so much to talk about dur­ing the…

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Noah, New Zealand

When you live on the South Island of New Zealand you are always a little distance from a good woman. It didn’t seem such a big deal to go check out the lovely Asian beauties on BeHappy2Day – there are planes, right? I have been on the site a week and I am already chatting to someone I would like to meet. I am not limiting my options – I am messaging a few…

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Leonard and Ying

Ying is an out­go­ing and ac­tive wo­m­an who ap­proach­es life with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. She be­lieves in fate and that if two peo­ple are not destined to be to­gether then their re­la­tion­ship will not last. Leo­nard is an Amer­i­can with a spe­cial in­ter­est in Chi­nese cul­ture who has been fond of Chi­nese food and his­to­ry since his child­hood. He al­ways want­ed to find a Chi­nese lady to be his…

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Pontus, Sweden

I’ve never expected myself to fall in love with a woman of a different culture. I came here on this site just to relish the beauty of Russian women. Daria caught my attention, so I just couldn’t help myself and wrote to her. It was half a year ago and you know, we are still together. It appears that your culture means nothing in the face of love. Thanks to BeHappy2day I am in…

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Larisa and Mayer

It was a great idea to reg­is­ter on this site! Al­though I like to com­mu­ni­cate and meet new peo­ple, I have to ad­mit my num­ber one goal was to meet my soul­mate. I was so excit­ed when I found my per­fect man here... and I found him quite quick­ly.

I couldn't wait to meet him in per­son and so we planned to meet in my home town…

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Liam, the US

Katya messaged me first. She said my profile really attracted her attention – so glad I chose that professional profile pic! We have been chatting for a while, and I hope to visit her in Russia – but we continue to chat almost every day. I never thought much of international relationships before now – but there is no need to limit your dreams anymore thanks to this site. Just when you are about…

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Jimmy and Hong Wen

Hong Wen is a 42-year-old tra­di­tio­n­al Chi­nese wo­m­an who lives in Shi­ji­azhuang, He­bei province. Three years ago, she di­vorced her hus­band of 13 years and then came across Jim­my on the dat­ing site. Jim­my is a 47-year-old Sin­ga­pore­an and, be­cause he al­so spoke Chi­nese, there was no bar­ri­er to their com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

They were at­tract­ed to each other and of­ten chatt­ed on the web­site and wrote each other let­ters. Jim­my…

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