Welcome to TVER !

We want to tell you a little about our city; a city where we live, work, study; a city where thousands of great women and ladies live; a city, the visitor of which, we hope, you will become soon.

As you know, there are two parameters that define the city: the population number and the area of the city. The population of Tver consists of four hundred fifty seven thousand (457000) people. The area is 56,3 square miles.

Tver is situated between the two capitals: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hundred and three miles lie between Tver and Moscow; three hundred and one between Tver and Petersburg. There are a lot of ways to get to the capitals from Tver; for example: by water way, by the rail road, and others. The city consists of 4 areas. It's impossible to find two cities that would be exactly alike: each city has its own appearance, face, scenery - there is something unique about each.

The uniqueness of out city is that it has three rivers: Volga, Tvercza and Tmakee. The city itself is surrounded by forests. There are more than eight hundred (800) rivers, lakes, and small springs on the territory of the city. We often have a lot of hunters and fishers from Moscow, S-Petersburg and other areas of Russia, who come to visit us.

History of Tver

On extent of 14th -15th centuries Tver competed with Moscow for a leadership in association of Russian grounds. In Middle Ages Tver was one of the main centers of a craft manufacture and an international trade of Russia, the city was glorified by skilful builders, gun makers, painters. A parameter of breadth of foreign economic relations of Tver was well-known traveler and merchant Afansiy Nikitin. His journey to India was first of the Europeans ships that have visited that country. During all its history Tver strengths were tested by attacks of Tatars, pogroms and fires. The strong fire in 1763 almost destroyed the city. Because of a strong wind, in total of 4 hours fire captured the whole city; it destroyed the ancient Kremlin, about thousand houses and a lot of churches. The disaster which overtook city, was so awful, that empress Ekaterina Second issued the decree about restoration of the city. Besides, Tver stood on the main transport highway connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg; all trading routs between two largest cities of Russia were passing through Tver. The best architects of that time who were engaged in construction of houses in Saint Petersburg and Moscow were involved in work on restoration of Tver. The new lay-out and new buildings of the city completely changed Tver. We have saying: " Tver - small town - St. Petersburg corner ". The English traveler Cox, which has visited Tver in 80th years of 17th century, in the traveling notes he named city majestic and asserted, that he will not concede to many West-European cities. Few monasteries and churches that survived in Tver now serve as an ornament of city; the most ancient the church constructed in 1564.

Modern Tver

Our city offers you a wonderful opportunity to spend your holiday with pleasure!

When you arrive, you can lodge at one of our fashionable hotels, where you'll be pleasantly surprised by its conveniences and comfort. You'll have everything you need to feel relaxed. Our best hotels are situated in the very center of Tver, in the heart of the city. Naturally, nearby there're best restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets and other places you may need.

Here is the list of places of primarily importance.

Supermarkets and stores

We advise you to visit the biggest new store, just opened in the very center of Tver - four-storeyed shopping center "Olymp". There you can find practically everything: clothes, shoes, books, cooking utensils, various audio and video equipment, computers, different presents and souvenirs and other things, which you may need during your staying in Tver. You can easily reach any floor: there are moving staircases in the store. On the ground floor there's a large supermarket "Paterson", where you'll be offered a great choice of food and drinks to all possible tastes. The prices are rather low there, the market itself is very conveniently organized: you'll easily find whatever you need! "Olymp" is an incredibly comfortable shop: you can purchase everything in one place! The greatest advantage of the shop, in comparison with other supermarkets, is that there's a fast food cafe and a bar where you can just sit and have a snack between shopping.

Pretty close to "Olymp", just two or three quarters from it, there is another good supermarket "Antek". It is not so big, but equally convenient: you can buy everything there, beginning with all types of food, beverages and so on. Everything is available here! Upstairs you can buy clothes, audio and video production, sporting goods, toys, souvenirs and other goods. Besides, there are discount cards for permanent customers there.

You can also go to our shopping center "Tver", situated near the circus. It is a four-storeyed building with all possible departments, where they sell all necessary equipment for home, clothes, shoes, make-up, perfume, jewelry, books, authentic souvenirs, camera films, medications, food and drinks, in short - all you can imagine.

There are also many other specialized shops situated nearby, so this won't be difficult to find and purchase what you need.

Restaurants, cafes, bistro and fast-food

If you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, to spend a candlelight evening with your girl friend at a restaurant or just to have a snack, there are a great variety of places where you can go.

There are lots of little cafes and bistro, where you can eat quickly and at a low price. Such places are almost in every street: bistro "Arzi", pizzeria "Milano", cafe-restaurants "Nadezhda", "Bo", "Kalinin", "Fortuna", "Lukomorye", "Casablanca" and many other nice places - they can be found almost at every corner.

"Arzi" is the best fast-food cafe in town. You'll find here fast food and drinks you're used to drink: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, coca-cola and all that stuff. There're some national dishes also, for example you may try the so-called "Shavarma" - a mixture of vegetables, meat and sauce, wrapped in a thin pita. It's tasty and cheap, like all food there. Besides, you may have delicious desserts and wonderful ice cream here.

Just opposite the "Arzi" there's another place where you may go - pizzeria "Milano", where you'll be offered a great choice (about 30 varieties) of pizza! You'll surely love it. If you like, delivery is also available there. Have a lunch there, you won't regret!

According to numerous inquiries, "Nadezhda" is the best all-around restaurant in Tver. You can easily find it: it's located across the main city park, in Sovetskaya Street. Low prices and excellent food will pleasantly struck you. Here you may try the best deserts in the town. Besides, what is rather unusual about this place is that on weekend evenings you may listen to live acoustic music there: sometimes two musicians play famous lyrical songs. It's especially wonderful when you're having a romantic dinner with your girl friend there! The only thing we would advise is to reserve the places in advance.

Many of the cafes are situated in Tryehsvyatskaya Street, which is often compared to famous Arbat in Moscow. First you may go to "Fortuna" - a very decent and nice cafe, open from 11 am till 1 am daily, including holidays. A great advantage! The prices are rather moderate than low, but you'll have English menu and a big choice of snacks, main course, second course, wonderful desserts, various soft drinks, spirits and excellent coffee! Good environment and pleasant music contribute to having a nice evening there.

Further along Tryehsvyatskaya Street, on the same side you'll see cafe "Kalinin", which is situated next to the Levi's shop. The cafe is located upstairs. It's pretty nice, besides the good menu you'll find there new pool table and the only big-screen satellite TV in the town. This cafe is a really very cozy and convenient place for a date.

A few buildings up the street, on the opposite side there's another good cafe "Bo", open from midday till midnight. This is a nice place to have lunch or dinner, or just to drink beer with friends. There're two rooms in the cafe: one for smokers, the other for non-smokers; they've got some pool tables there also. Diverse menu, moderate prices, warm and friendly atmosphere, good service - what else should one need to spend a nice evening with a friend?

On Lenina Square there's a Russian-styled restaurant-cafe "Lukomorye", quite unusual because of its environment and atmosphere. It's comfortable enough, the menu offers a great variety of dishes; friendly waitresses dressed in traditional Russian clothes will serve you with pleasure.

In Tverskoy Prospekt there's a nice place "Casablanca" - a pretty good little cafe, where you can spend a romantic evening with your sweetheart, for the atmosphere in it is rather intimate and disposes to a friendly conversation. You may have substantial dinner or just wonderful dessert with good wine; there's good music and TV in the cafe. The prices are rather low, and the service is good. You may sit in the room for smokers or for non-smokers.

If you like to try unordinary food, visit restaurant "Asia". There you'll be offered Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other orient cuisine, the experts will be satisfied with the variety of meat and fish dishes and the level of service.

Cultural, educational and sports centers

Now days Tver is a large scientific and cultural center. Do you love theatre and music? By all means visit our academic drama theatre. Musical theatre frequently visit every possible festivals, act well-known jazz and blues ensembles. There is a theatre of children and youth, theater of dolls, a circus. In the local art gallery there are works of famous Russian artists and presentations of the West-European art.

There are plenty of museums in Tver. A museum of the Tver's life, for example. There, by the way, it is possible to have a drink of old Russian custom tea with cookies. Visitors of our city like to examine Soviet and Tryohsvjatskaja streets, monuments, squares, parks, quays. The Tryohsvjatskaja Street is located in the downtown, there is no transportation allowed on that street. Many of souvenirs, artists with their paintings, street musicians, cafe - all that can be seen in the Tryohsvjatskaja Street. Nearby there is a Tver University and medical academy. There are 4 universities, 27 community colleges, 68 high schools in Tver. The city has the advanced infrastructure: commercial banks, the insurance companies, real state offices etc. Tver cooperates in a cultural and economic direction with cities of Hamelin (Finland), Buffalo (USA), Bensons (France), Kaposvar (Hungary).

To spend a jolly evening, go to the movie-theater "Zvezda", located just across the "Arzi" cafe, on the bank of Volga River. It's a modern Dolby digital movie-theater with two halls. Wide screen, perfect sound of the highest quality - you'll be glad after having watched a movie there! This is the best movie-theater in the town, so it's worth going there.

There are quite a decent number of water-pools, fitness halls, bowling and night clubs in the city, so you've got a choice where to go in your spare time. We may offer you for example, to play tennis on a hard court at the Ladies Club. There are also a few gyms around: very good sport complex "DSK", water-pool "Raduga" and many other decent places. There's a gym or a water-pool almost in every part of the city. If you want to bowl, go to Bowling Club "Sharpey". One hour costs 400-600 roubles; you may have a good snack there also: there's a restaurant and a bar.


In the city there're many Internet cafes, so it's not a problem to check your e-mail and to send messages. For example, you may go to the Internet Cafe in Zhelyabova Street. The charge is very low there.


From one part of city in another it is possible to reach by a tram, by a bus, by a trolley bus or a taxi. All passenger transport agencies, except for a taxi, are municipal. It is possible to reach Moscow an electric train (travel time 2,5 hours) or by bus. Up to Saint Petersburg - train, (travel time 7 hours).

Now you know a little bit about our Tver. Come and visit us, we will be very glad to see you and will make everything to surround you with a warm and care.


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