Howard, Los Angeles, California

      I would like to heartily recommend the Be Happy Agency to anyone seriously considering finding a Russian bride. I found that everyone connected with this agency to be very friendly and helpful, and the women I met to be, on the whole, educated, physically attractive, and amicable. Yaroslav, who runs the company, went out of his way on several occasions to show me around the city of Tver and explain about social interactions in Russia.

     I have recommended Be Happy to several of my friends, and would not hesitate to use this agency again in the future. It is not easy coming to a country where you do not speak the language in an attempt to find a suitable companion, but all the people at Be Happy made me feel at ease, and helped to lessen the culture shock. Anyone who would like to speak with me personally about my experience with this agency is welcome to contact me through Yaroslav. For all of you trying to find a suitable wife, Be Happy is a very good connection to be associated with. Good luck finding the right woman!

Los Angeles, California

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