Kristina from Zaporizhia, Ukraine

age: 21
city: Zaporizhia, Ukraine
ID: 48884
This week is glad to introduce a dazzling lady Kristina from Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Kristina is a young, lively and witty lady who likes reading books, learning languages, watching movies, and cooking. She is looking for a mature man with a cool sense of humor. Would you like to know more about her? Read Kristina’s story and enjoy her mesmerizing photos.

What's cook­ing, good-look­ing? :)

I wan­na show you some­thing :) I wan­na show you how I like to spend my time some­times...

Yes, I am a lady who makes good food :) Eclairs, bor­sht, cakes, what­ev­er you like. I have a tas­ty hob­by!)) Do you have good taste by the way? Do you have a se­cret hob­by?)

You know, af­ter a hard day at work... I like to SLEEP - you thought I would say, cook? I am not in­sane))

Cook­ing is my rest. The thing that helps me to re­lax dur­ing my spare time))

I can make many things, even car­rot pie for you to show you that I am the best girl ))) I can teach you where to get red wa­ter for bor­sht, how to bake a cake and not burn your flat down or make a dessert and not put on more ki­los...

...oh, and spaghet­ti in a fry­ing pan, you have nev­er eat­en any­thing tasti­er than mine )))

Tell me, what do you want me to cook for you? Look­ing for­ward to your let­ter!


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