Frequently Asked Questions

1. Live Chat
What is Live Chat?

We are delighted to introduce BeHappy2Day’s newest website feature: Live Chat. This feature allows you to chat with any lady or ladies online at the same time as you are on BeHappy2Day.com. We’ve ensured that this service is entirely confidential whether you’re speaking to one, two, or more women, so you can enjoy multiple conversations in a discreet environment. Getting to know the BeHappy2Day women is not only important to you, but also means you have more opportunities to impress potential partners with more in-depth interactions. Live Chat enables you to keep in touch and develop contact in a way that’s convenient and comfortable for you, increasing your chances of finding that special someone. We’re really happy to be able to offer our users this new and exciting feature and hope that you find your perfect match even sooner. All you need to do is click Chat Now when you see the profile of a lady you want to talk to in private.

Can I start Live Chat with someone right now?

Absolutely. If you’re already registered with BeHappy2Day then you can see who’s currently available by clicking on the Online Ladies link (located also in the Upper Bar). You’ll find yourself in the All Online Ladies gallery, and all you need to do is select the woman you want to start speaking with and send her an invite for a private chat. Just click Chat Now on her profile and a chatting window will open up for you straight away.

Can I chat with more than one lady?

Yes you can; we’ve designed this feature so that you can have multiple conversations in complete privacy. You can have as many Live Chats occurring at the same time as you want, and each one will be open in its own chatting window for your convenience, - to increase chances of making that special connection.

How much does Live Chat cost?

Live Chat at BeHappy2Day.com is extremely affordable and costs just 1 credit for one minute of online conversation.

When do I get charged if I invite a lady to a Live Chat?

We’re committed to making sure you get the most from your BeHappy2Day experience, so you won’t ever be charged until the lady you’ve invited to Live Chat sends you a reply. You will only start getting charged the minute the lady joins Live Chat and sends her first message back to you.

When do I get charged if a lady invites me to a Live Chat?

When one of the BeHappy2Day ladies wants to talk to you, she can send you an invite. There’s a Start Chat button that you’ll see on her invitation (located in the pop-up window that’ll appear; you can see it at the bottom right of the website), and you won’t be charged until and unless you decide you want to accept that invitation. You will only start getting charged the minute you accept the invitation and join Live Chat.

How do I end Live Chat?

If you’ve finished your conversation for the moment, you just have to press End Chat button in the Live Chat window, or to make it even easier for you, you can simply close the chatting window. Either of these will make sure your chat session is ended.

2. Live Video Chat
What is Live Video Chat?

We are also now able to offer you the use of our new Live Video Chat feature. This enables you to see your chosen lady in real time as you chat with her in Live Chat. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another even better, and minimizes the misunderstandings and uncertainties that can sometimes occur online. This feature is ideal for providing a more personal option once youíve started chatting.

Should I dress up and wear anything special for Live Video Chat session?

There’s no need for you to dress up. To protect your privacy, while you’ll be able to see her in Live Video Chat, she won’t be able to view you. This is an integral part of the feature that we designed so that the experience is a more easy-going and confidential one for you. Even if there’s a web camera on your computer, it won’t be activated in this setting.

When can I start Live Video Chat with a woman?

Once you’ve invited a woman to chat, or vice versa, and she has her web camera set up, you will see a camera icon webcam in her profile.This indicates that the woman is available for having a Live Video Chat session online. As soon as your conversation in Live Chat starts, you will see Start Video button that will allow you to activate Live Video Chat feature.

How does it work?

Have a look in the top left corner of the profile pic of the lady who is online. You’ll see a camera icon webcam to let you know that the lady you want to chat with has her web camera ready to start. Just press Chat Now and when the lady responds, send her a Live Video Chat request by pressing "Start Video" button. Once the lady accepts your Live Video Chat request you will be able to see the live video of the lady right in the conversation window.The lady will need to activate the camera setting herself so do ask her for this if you want to utilise this option.

Can I switch between Live Chat and Live Video Chat?

Yes, there’s an easy-to-use Stop Live Video button so you can return to just chatting at any time without interrupting your session (and you’re only charged 1 credit for 1 minute in this setting). If you want to get back to Live Video Chat, you just need to send another Live Video Chat request by pressing Start Video button and your lady’s live link will automatically return for you as soon as she accepts the request. See who’s available for chatting right now: All Online Ladies

How much does Live Video Chat cost?

Whilst in Live Video Chat mode you will be charged 2 credits per one minute of online video chatting with a lady.

3. 2-Way Live Video Chat
What is 2-way Live Video Chat?

We can also now provide you with 2-way Live Video Chat. This is where your selected woman or women can also see you. We introduced this feature so that you could both have the pleasure of seeing each other as you establish and enjoy your relationship.

How do I start 2-way Live Video Chat?

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Log in to behappy2day.com with your registered login ID and password.
  2. Ensure your web camera works. You don’t need to adjust anything as we’ve arranged the tech integration, just connect your web camera to your computer.
  3. The woman you want to experience 2-way Live Video Chat with also needs to have her camera set up. If you can see the camera icon webcam on her profile that means that she’s online and set up for a Live Video Chat.
When can I start 2-way Live Video Chat?

The lady you want to chat with will have this camera icon webcam on her profile picture (in the top left corner) to show that she’s available and ready for either Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat, whichever you prefer. You just need to send her an invite to Live Chat and when she accepts she can activate her live camera setting after getting your Live Video Chat request (to send it just click Start Video button in your chatting window). When you start viewing the lady’s live video you will see the option to click on ‘Start Your Live Video’ button which activates your camera.

Can I use 2-way Live Video Chat with more than one lady at the same time?

Yes, you can. Choose this option on every chat window you have open and each of them will be able to receive your live camera transmission.

Do I need to wear something special for 2-way Live Video Chat session?

You don’t have to; how you present yourself is entirely up to you and you should be as comfortable as possible. But first impressions especially do count so make sure you’re happy with your presentation.

Can a lady see my live video if I canít see her live video?

No, to protect your privacy a lady can only see you once you’ve chosen to reciprocate the Live Video option - she’ll have her camera on first and then you can decide if you’re comfortable progressing.

How much does 2-way Live Video Chat cost?

When you use the 2-way Live Video Chat setting you will be charged 5 credits per one minute of online 2-way video chatting with a lady.

4. How to join?

It's Free, Quick and Easy. Just click here.

5. How to post photo(s) and profile with biographical information?

Once you have signed up (posted your FREE profile) you will receive your Login and Password allowing you access to your Member Area where you add details to your profile (optional) and upload your photo(s)

6. What are the fees?

BeHappy2day.com uses an E-mail Credit System {ECS}. This ECS works as follows:

10 credits will be deducted from your e-mail account for each e-mail letter you open or send. You will only be charged if you open a ladies message. You will be able to view the ladies BioData and Photo first. This is important because you choose the ladies you would like to correspond with.

Live Chat costs 1 credit for one minute of online conversation

Login or register to see the price list

7. Is it possible to receive a lady's Postal Address on BeHappy2day.com?

Yes, you can ask a lady for her postal address in your letter. Please remember that the lady may or may not want to give that information out, it is up to the lady to decide. Personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are not allowed to be exchanged in letters. Once you see how the correspondence is going, a Be Happy Romantic Tour will be the next step. The face to face meetings are most important. Plus you will have the opportunity to meet other beautiful ladies in Tver, if you desire!

8. What is a Gentlemen's Listing at BeHappy2day.com?

Gentleman Listings have become very popular and the ladies recommend it. Today's ladies like to make first contact. Plus, what better way to let 1000's of beautiful ladies know that you are available! Gentleman Listings are a safe and easy way to post your information (profile with Photos and BioData).

9. Is my privacy protected?

Yes! Only ladies registered with BeHappy2day.com can see your photo, biographical information and your first name (or alias). No one but a few of our staff members will ever have access to your last name, email address, postal address, or telephone number.

10. What does a Gentlemen's Listing cost at BeHappy2day.com?

Nothing! BeHappy2day.com offers Gentleman's Listings for FREE!

11. Can I e-mail ladies without posting my photo on BeHappy2day.com?

Yes, you will be able to, but the response from the ladies may be less. Our experience here at BeHappy2day.com is that listings with photos peak much more interest.

12. On BeHappy2day.com where do I receive and send my e-mails from?

In your Member Area.

Sending : There are two ways to send e-mail messages from BeHappy2day.com. When you are browsing the ladies photos you can click on the "send a letter" link next to a lady's photo, or directly from your BeHappy2day.com mailbox.

Receiving: All new e-mails will arrive to your BeHappy2day.com mailbox.

13. What payment methods does BeHappy2day.com accept?

Payments for our services can be made online with all major credit and debit cards. All payments are handled securely by Verotel.com, an authorized retailer for BeHappy2Day.com.

An alternative payment method on our website is a money transfer by payment providers Western Union or MoneyGram. Information regarding the money transfer process can be obtained by contacting —ustomer Support.

14. Is emailing free for ladies of BeHappy2day.com?


15. How will I know if I have any new e-mails on BeHappy2day.com?

When a lady sends you a letter, BeHappy2day.com automatically will send a notice to your personal e-mail address that a message has arrived to your BeHappy2day.com mailbox. You then decide if you want to open the message or not. You will only be charged for e-mails that you open.

16. Does BeHappy2day.com require me to have an e-mail address?

BeHappy2day.com does NOT require you to have an e-mail address. As long as you have Internet access you will be able to check your BeHappy2day.com mailbox from anywhere.

17. How will I be assured of the privacy of the e-mails on BeHappy2day.com?

BeHappy2day.com recognizes the importance of privacy. We have a well trained staff of professional translators. They are experienced in handling highly personal and intimate communications between two adults.

18. Does BeHappy2day.com require that I open all new e-mails?

No, it is not required at all. You only open the letters you wish to. However, remember the more letters you respond to the better your chances will be to find that special beautiful Russian woman.

19. Do I initiate correspondence with the ladies first or do I have to wait for the ladies to send emails to me?

To initiate correspondence with a lady, simply find a lady using the search function and click on the "Send a letter" link next to the lady's photo. This will take you to the compose screen where you can compose and send your e-letter.

20. How long does it take to get a response?

It varies, it may take a few days up to a week if the lady does not live near her Agency.

21. How do I know how many e-mails credits are in my BeHappy2day.com account at any given time?

Your Behappy2day.com mailbox will always display the number of e-mail credits that are in your account at the top of the page.

22. Are online credit card transactions secure?

Yes! BeHappy2day.com will never have access to your credit card information at any time. The order form is hosted on a www.verotel.com server, not our server. www.verotel.com is one of the top Internet retailers in the world and their servers are very secure.