Anti-Scam Policy

As enforces an anti-scam policy, we strongly recommend our clients follow some principle guidelines to be safe being involved in online dating:

Never send any money to any lady on the site.

Never send any gifts to any lady except the ones listed at Gift Delivery Service Gallery on the site.

Arrange dates and meetings with a lady through the “Date Me” Service.

Exchange personal contact information with a lady on a personal meeting only, in the city of the lady.

From time to time practice Live Video Chat sessions with your lady.

You may recognize a scam if:

  • a lady requests money, gifts or any other kind of financial support from you. We will thoroughly investigate the case, and delete the lady from our database.
  • a lady falsifies her personal profile’s details deliberately, for example: name, age, children, language level or marital status. We will thoroughly investigate the case, and delete the lady from our database.
  • a lady’s profile is used by a third party, without the lady’s awareness (for example, an agency uses the lady’s profile without her knowledge to communicate with you). We will thoroughly investigate the case, and fine and/or ban the affiliate partner that initiated the scam activity on our website.

Not a scam if:

  • our translator made a mistake when translating a letter from a man to a lady, or vice versa.
  • a lady doesn’t answer all the questions from the letter of a man.
  • a lady refuses to develop a relationship after a meeting/meetings with a man.
  • a lady posts photos of her relatives, male friends, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and other related personal information on any social network.
  • a lady wears rings of any style on fingers. Wearing rings in Slavic or Asian countries does not always mean that the lady is married or engaged, regardless of which finger it is on.

Anti-Scam Claim Form enforces an anti-scam policy and does not tolerate any kind of scam activity on the website caused by any of our members. Therefore we suggest that every member should register a claim if scammed. For any claim to be registered it is essential that the anti-scam claim form should be completely filled out personally by each claimant. If you face any difficulties or have any questions when filling out the anti-scam claim form, please contact Customer Support Service immediately to get the necessary assistance.

We will start investigating the case once the fully completed form is submitted by a customer and received by our team. All the necessary measures will be undertaken to stop the reported scam and to prevent any similar cases in future. The most common result of any investigation is deleting a scam member’s profile from our site and banning it forever. We may also fine or terminate partnership with an agency or an affiliate that initiated placing the scam profile on our website.

Anti-scam claim form instructions:

  1. Please thoroughly fill out the form below.
  2. Please attach all the confirmative documents you may have, such as screenshots of letters and e-mails, chat dialogs and chat invitations, photos, phone call records, etc. that will support your claim. Any kind of evidence against a potential scammer is important and will be extremely helpful.
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Please, do not register and submit a claim against someone you have not been scammed by.

Please bear in mind that only fully completed anti-scam claim forms are guaranteed to be investigated immediately by the Team; incomplete forms will need time for the necessary information and evidence to be collected from claimants before we are able to initiate an investigation.

We are sorry to hear that you have had an unfortunate experience on our website. Our professional team will do its best to investigate your case, and we will contact you to inform you of the final results of the investigation. We hope that you will continue using our website and proceed with your search for your soul-mate with as we are happy to be your guide and partner in it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, or would like to update your claim, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support Service.

Thank you for being patient and for using our services. Team.

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