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If you’re a man from the U.S., Australia or Europe who is serious about finding a single woman from Russia or Ukraine then your search is over. Here you can view beautiful single ladies from Russia and send messages, receive replies, exchange photos and video clips, watch videos and enjoy real-time communication via the live chat and live video chat services. Finding a soulmate in the overly complex world we now live in isn’t easy, but Be Happy International will surpass any other Russian dating site you may have visited by not only offering simply a smattering of single Russian ladies to choose from but by presenting gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian females via a modern up-to-date international dating site. Russian dating has never before been like this – meet single Russian women and your future soulmate today. Browse all our dating profiles and choose singles to invite to chat online right now.


Your search for hot Russian singles is over. Whether it’s finding beautiful Russian ladies to chat with or discovering a gorgeous soulmate you never knew you had, Be Happy International has the Russian mates you’ve been looking for.

The gorgeous ladies on this page are ready for romance and to take that next step with a distinguished gentleman like yourself. Time-pressed to find a perfect match and tired of relationships that fail from the get-go? You are not alone. An increasing number of single males today are searching for that potential partner, and thanks to services such as those offered by Be Happy, finding a potential match with the intention of meeting a caring man has become easier than ever.

The ladies showcased here represent a portal into a unique opportunity to meet single Russian women in our network, guaranteed to get your pulse racing with their exotic beauty, whimsical and flirtatious personalities and passion for finding the right man. At Be Happy International, we believe that everyone deserves affection and care; the emotion we call love comes to all of us naturally as humans. It is in our biology to want to share a life with someone of the opposite sex, in mainstream culture, and we have quickly concluded that online dating websites like ours are fighting the war against loneliness.

Our smart, sexy girls will help you eradicate the specter of loneliness while loving and cherishing you the way you deserve to be.

If you have been on the fence about finding Russian ladies for a serious relationship or have been trying to meet single Russian women who share the same dreams and desires as you, our range of female profiles won’t disappoint.

Russian Dating – Be Happy Style

Olga. Oksana. Tatiana. Ludmila. These names represent a small sample of the beautiful, smart, charming and loving Russian ladies you’ll find through Be Happy International. There’s a reason 19th-century poet Nekrasov wrote the following about Russian women:

There are women in Russian villages

With calm importance of faces

With a beautiful force in the movement, on the walk, with a look of queens…

Beauty, for the whole world as a miracle

Blush, slender, high

In all the clothes are beautiful

In any work she is deft.”

While some 150 years may have passed since this lavishing of praise on the Russian female form, the meaning behind it is no less relevant today.

What Makes Russian Women so Desirable?

We’re not talking about just the innate outer beauty – women from the Slavs world are always beautifully dressed with eye-catching and tastefully-applied makeup, whether it’s to go to the store to buy bread or visit a friend. Indeed, the women of Russia do not compete with the men; they captivate them with their flirtatious, astute manners and magical sense of femininity.

No, there is something deeper within what we’d normally call a Russian single woman…something that makes a typical Russian dating site so enduringly popular. Today’s Russian single girl is seeking to start a family, believes in loyalty and love – for a whole life through – and desires children, all of which she cherishes in the context of creating a family nest. And, when her man comes home from a long day at work, he will experience an environment of affection, warmth, care and love.

Russian Singles are Not Afraid of Challenges and Work

In their home country, Slav women work alongside men, bringing heavy products from the store home and working night shifts, but they always manage to find time for their children, cook a delicious meal and ensure the home is kept clean. In fact, it is our experience that Russian women often do not accept “semi-finished” tasks – when they commit to something, they commit all the way…and that’s how it should be in a family, as well.

Knowing Their Own Self-Worth and Exuding Self-Confidence

It is true that most Russian ladies are aware of their own self-worth and exude a great deal of self-confidence, making them sexy in more ways than just one – but they’re also not arrogant in the exhibition of these qualities, remaining friendly and open-minded while putting personality and intelligence above wealth when it comes to seeking a partner.

If you have been looking to meet Russian women but haven’t found the time or the right portal to do so, Be Happy International is your answer.

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