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Yana and Dominique

Hello! I want to share something very special with you! I want to tell you about my experience

using this site. Maybe its sounds crazy but I wanted to find my destiny online and I found out

about this site absolutely by chance! I’m not used to getting acquainted with someone online so

for me this was something new....

I saw him online… his eyes and smile were like a magnet! It was so …

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Irina and Brian

To be honest I was not expecting to fall in love on a dating site. I was afraid of travelling to meet someone I had never met before but our first meeting was here, in Ukraine! So this made it very comfortable for me. I looked into his eyes and felt everything tremble inside me. It was a very romantic first date and although I was nervous, I was happy at the same time and …

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Rob and Sha

Rob and Sha met on our site and now they are already married!

Rob is a single dad to three kids. He is a good father who loves his family very much. He wanted to find a kind lady who could help him love and look after his kids. He works hard as an engineer and has a comfortable and stable life. He needed a lady to come into his life and help him with …

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Christian and Vita

You know, we think this is a great way to meet a good man and be happy with him. You have nothing to lose and can only make friends. Vita met Christian on the site. They started chatting and soon he decided to visit her in Ukraine. Handsome Christian was a very confident, nice and kind person with whom Vita was very happy. They liked each other and spent a great time here in Ukraine…

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Julia and Saul

Hello ... hello, dear friends! It's me - Yuliya! I'm in a state of euphoria now! I want to tell you about my unique experience on BeHappy2day!

At the very beginning of our conversation, Saul announced that he was planning a business trip to Kiev so we had only been chatting for about a week when we scheduled our meeting. I counted the days and hours in anticipation of our meeting in real life.


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Svetlana and Patrick

Hello, everyone. My name is Svetlana.

I have had a great experience here on this site and I want to share it with you.  Patrick and I didn’t communicate for very long at all, it was just few weeks but in just this short time you can easily understand that everything is genuine! So I was happy that I had such an opportunity to not only see this man in a photo but in…

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Kate and John

Kate is a very educated, wise and lovely lady who found John on this dating site. It was a very memorable time when he came to Ukraine to visit Kate. It was the first time he had visited Ukraine and when he arrived John gave Kate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Then they went for a walk around the city, the parks and lakes, looking at the monuments where Kate shared the history of the…

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Lili and Jack

Lili and Jack met on our site and now they are planning to get married later this year.

Jack was born in the USA and lives in a big city where he works as a teacher at a college.  He is a very happy, positive and loving person. Although one of his three children has lived with him since his divorce six years ago, Jack felt very lonely and dreamed of meeting a sweet Asian…

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Michael, Austria

Inga is a wind of change in my slow-paced life. She brings joy and laughter, love, tenderness, and warmth I’ve been searching for all my life. And I’ve found her here!

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Elena and Steve

Hello everyone! I want to share my experience on this site with you. For a long time I wondered whether I should open an account or not .... I had many doubts .... but after I had heard a lot of stories from my friends, I realised I was ready to take this step! So I asked my agency to create a profile for me.

About a month had passed after I registered when I received a…

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