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Derrick and Lily

Hello-hello! I am writing this letter to thank the website and my local agency for their work and support! I had a wonderful date with an amazing man, whose name is Derrick. We hadn't spend much time online before we decided to act quickly and take the next step and meet each other. Our dates were like a dream come true. A handsome, clever man with a radiant smile was standing next to…

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Luke, Australia

It is strange how you can fly all over the world and not meet anyone. Then, you sit in your living room and scan through a dating site and there is the love of your life. I am not being dramatic Ė I have been with Maya for over 18 months Ė we met when I was on a layover in London, and she just happened to be there too. I fly people around the world but…

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Aco and Alevtina

Good afternoon!

You know, I do believe in destiny and whenever I have the chance, I always try to seek it. When Aco first wrote to me and then decided to come to meet so soon afterwards, I decided to take this chance to meet each other. And I think I did the right thing.

Aco is very unusual and unpredictable but I like him very much. I want to thank him for the great…

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Jonas, Austria

I am a single father, so it is very difficult to find a local woman. Iíve started looking in Eastern Europe as women there love children and I hoped to find not only a wife but a mother for my boys. Vika has a little girl herself and she understands me better than anyone, she loves me and cares for my sons. Soon she and her daughter will come to live here with us…

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Tim and Shasha

Since Tim and Shasha found each other on our site, their life has been really fantastic together!†

Tim comes from the very pretty and romantic city of Paris and he himself is also romantic and very attractive. He has four kids and eight grandchildren and he likes nothing more than getting together with friends and family. He loves to travel as much as he can and has been to China many times because he learned…

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Michael and Svetlana

After corresponding for a long time, on 10th August this year the long-awaited meeting between Mike and Svetlana finally took place.

Despite the fact that their meeting lasted only two days, they got along with each other really well and managed to visit many places... on the first day, they cheered for Svetlana's favourite Dynamo Kiev team then they had lunch at the wonderful Mayak restaurant overlooking the Motherland which Svetlana had chosen…

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Douglas, USA

Tomorrow I get married to Olesya. I was writing my toast today and thinking about how we met. It was because of this dating site. We both found each otherís profiles, we both wanted to chat to each other via messages and then on video and then in person. We could see we loved similar things from the start, and we learned we could love other things in partnership with the other. What a…

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Yana and Mehmet

We all want the chance to create a family and be happy!† I had been waiting for that one person to come into my life who would transform it forever. And then I met him on-line!†

I decided to visit him and he liked that idea! On our first evening together we partied at the local cafe where we danced and dined. It was an amazing night! I felt very comfortable with him! He…

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Matteo, Switzerland

One year ago I decided to use this website as I always dreamt about a beautiful wife. And then I met Polina. She is a wonderful woman from Russia who stole my heart. Now we are very happy together! Thanks to all of you!

Sam and Kate

Sam and Kate tru≠ly love each other and got mar≠ried ear≠li≠er this year.

Sam comes from the beau≠ti≠ful is≠land of New Zea≠land where he works as a uni≠ver≠si≠ty pro≠fes≠sor. he has a love≠ly fam≠i≠ly of five chil≠dren and six grandchil≠dren but had been sin≠gle for many years af≠ter the fail≠ure of his mar≠ri…

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