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Irina and Viktor

Good afternoon! My name is Irina

I want to tell you my story. I had heard about this agency a long time ago but didn’t decide to act until after my friend told me about her experience here and I realised I must do it too. When I registered here I was pleasantly surprised by the attention the agency paid and their very high professionalism. My agency and this site have always helped me…

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Svetlana and Mahmoud

Hello to you all! My name is Svetlana. I am from Kiev, Ukraine.

I would like to share my experience of being on this site and so help people who are still thinking about whether they should register or not.

It was very interesting for me to meet someone who has a completely different mentality and culture and I met such a person. Mahmoud turned out to be a serious man who insisted only on…

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David, USA

BeHappy Customer Service always makes me Happy! They are the best!

Jake, USA

As always I enjoy your support. I will admit you are quick at looking into everything I have ever asked. This is a most impressive web site. Thank you, Jake

Jake, USA

I do have to admit your customer support is excellent. You have answered my questions and I will get back to you sometime next week. Thank you

Elton and Lyudmila

Hello everyone! My name is Lyudmila. I'm from Ukraine. I joined this website recently, about a month ago, and I want to share with you my positive emotions about being a client of this website! Before I joined, I had a long period of reflections and doubts but eventually I decided that I had to take action. I became an active member of the big "family”, Behappy2day, and have not regretted it for one…

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Karine and Derrik

Hello! I decided to write a few lines about my experience of being on this site. Initially, I was afraid of online dating as it seemed to me that this was not the best way to find my soulmate. But, after talking with my friends, I realized that most of them had met their love on the internet so that is why I decided to give it a try - maybe luck would smile at me…

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Elena and Dave

Hello everyone! My name is Elena.

I would really like to share my experience of being on this site. Thanks to the employees of this site and my local agency, I have made sure that the internet is absolutely not a scary place and it is certainly possible to find love here!

Here on this site, I met a wonderful man, Dave. Correspondence with Dave lasted for about a month. He is a very sweet…

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Yuliya and Jamanaka

Hi everyone!! My name is Yuliya and I live in the city of Kiev.

I'm writing here to share my thoughts about searching for love online. I used to very much doubt this way of finding love could work but now I am convinced that it is an incredible way to meet your beloved one, especially if you work or study a lot and don't go out socially very often. Thanks to this…

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Yulia and Jim

Hello! I am Yulia

In my opinion, love is something that requires determination, faith and, even to a certain extent, courage. Not to be afraid to take a step forward, listen to your heart and believe in it unquestioningly … these were the thoughts that I had in my head when I agreed to meet with Jim. 

It was almost a blind date since we had almost no communication online. Jim came to Ukraine to meet…

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