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Karyna and David

Warm greetings from grand Kyiv!

I want to share my wonderful date and a fateful meeting with a man dear to my heart!

Our correspondence started on this site 3 months ago! David and I felt attracted to each other almost from the first minute, as though we were glued to our seats when we sat in front of the computer talking to each other. We had absolutely fantastic conversations on various topics, and we …

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Tatiana and Phillip

Hello, everyone!

I’m happy to say that I’m not single anymore! I feel that some great changes are going to happen in my life!

I’d like to tell you how happy I am right now because I met a man who I truly love on this very website. We dated online for a long time but now eventually we’ve become a real couple. I want to tie everything up here in …

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Svetlana and Pierre

Good afternoon dear friends!

I want to share my story of meeting a man who has given me extraordinary joyful emotions from communicating with him.

Our acquaintance began with letters. His letters have always been distinguished by interesting content and a special vividness of description. From this correspondence, I learned a lot about Pierre, his character, habits, what he likes and what he doesn’t. Behind the lines I saw a wonderful man, worthy, with …

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Anna and Ben

Hello everyone!

I am assuming because you are browsing this page of this website that, just like I did, you’re wondering whether or not to join. Just like you, I had read multiple successful stories of meetings and happy endings and thought – could that really happen to me? Now I have the answer and it's positive! Everything is possible! Everything just depends on you!

When I joined this website, I could never have …

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Tatiana and Daniel

Hello everyone!

My name is Tatiana and I live with my beloved Daniel in Germany. We’ve lived together for more than a half of year so we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary soon!

We met online and decided to turn our love story into reality. I was just a simple single Ukrainian girl who wanted to fall in love and create a happy family. A few years ago I decided to try my …

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Elena and Steve

Elena contacted our agency in 2020. She was divorced and didn’t really believe that she could find a new trustworthy partner abroad very quickly but almost immediately, just a couple of weeks later, Steve wrote to her and they began to communicate and started to get to know each other. A couple of months after the start of their communication, Steve visited Elena to get acquainted in person. At this first meeting, they realized …

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Vika and Gulli

Hello everyone,

I’d like to tell you my love story. 

My friend wanted to welcome me on a visit to Germany. When I arrived, I was impressed with the beauty and charm of Europe with its historical architecture and life style. I was lucky to get to know Gulli on the dating site and as I was also in Western Europe we decided not to talk in letters and chats but to meet immediately.…

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Galina and Kenneth


I want to share my happiness with you! The dream of every woman is to be the woman of her dreams! With this dream of mine in mind, I registered on this site more than three years ago. Many of my friends doubted it would work and didn’t believe that you could find a life partner on a dating website. But I always believed I could and knew that everything would turn out …

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Irina and Semi

My name is Irina and I’m happy to share my story with everyone here! I want to tell you about my experience of being a user of an online dating website.

I was married a long time ago and after my divorce I decided to build my career so I had no time for dating off-line. Years went by and I began to think about my loneliness. I don't know why, but …

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Olga and Alex


My name is Olga and I’m in love. I think it’s the best feeling anyone could ever have. I have an amazing boyfriend Alex. He’s from London, Great Britain and I’m happy to say that our relationship is perfect.

We met on the dating site. I was just a single woman who wanted to spend her life enjoying every moment with someone special. I decided to try my luck online,…

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