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Alan and Natasha

It is my turn to tell you about our first date. He came in­­­to my life like a flash­bulb! I liked him im­me­di­ate­­ly! The mo­­ment I saw him, I was smit­ten.

We met at the lo­­cal park in my home town on Sun­­day, three months af­ter we had first met on-line. He asked me to go for a walk and I liked this…

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Freddy, UK

I was twice divorced from women from my home city here in England and needed something new. It had been a couple of years since my last marriage broke up and so joining BeHappy2Day was a bit of a gamble. It was a leap of faith – I knew there had to be something more for me out there. The website makes it so easy to meet amazing women from all over the world. I began…

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Kang and Jack

Kang is from Chang­sha where she works at a school as an En­glish teach­er. She has told us that she comes from an or­d­i­nary fam­i­ly and that her par­ents are very tra­di­tio­n­al.

Jack is from Ca­na­da and he joined the dat­ing site be­cause he likes Chi­nese cul­ture and Chi­nese ladies be­cause he be­lieves…

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Quian Quian and Zahir

Qian Qian works as a cos­met­ics sales­per­son. She is a very easy go­ing and open mind­ed girl who loves to trav­el.

Za­hir is from Viet­nam where he works as a sailor. He said he nev­er thought that he would find a girl­friend out­side of his own coun­try but it turns out life can be amaz­ing.

They got to know each other…

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Derrick and Anna

I’m a Ukrai­nian girl and one day when I was on­line I saw a very at­trac­tive man. To my sur­prise, when we got in touch with each other we quick­ly found a com­mon lan­guage. I re­alised he was just crazy about me and that I felt the same too. So we de­cid­ed…

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Ville, Finland

How incredible my life is! Six months ago I was devastated after my crazy divorce mission and two months ago I met this blonde miracle Olesya. She is tender, kind and caring and absolutely in love with me. Soon we will meet for the third time and looks like it is moving somewhere…

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Tian and Richard

Richard is from Amer­i­ca but has been teach­ing in Chi­na for six years and so he can speak very good Chi­nese. He likes Chi­na and the cul­ture here. He says the peo­ple are re­al­ly kind and sin­cere.

Tian and Richard got to know each other through the dat­ing site at a par­ty held by the agen­cy. There were lots of other sin­gle men and wo­m­en in­vit­ed to the par­ty…

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Elvira and Mahmoud

Hel­lo! I would like to tell you about my ex­pe­ri­ence us­ing this dat­ing site.

Af­ter a few months of cor­re­spon­dence here on the site gett­ing to know each other on­line, he said he was ready to vis­it me. He asked me if it would be pos­si­ble for us to meet up and spend a week­end to­gether. We planned our first date and I was so hap­py!

Then, in…

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Johnathan, South Africa

How would we ever have met otherwise? It scares me to think that my lovely Ukrainian may have passed me by if I hadn’t browsed the internet that day. If I hadn’t thought to set up an account, post that picture of me swimming in an icy lake, and returned the message from Anastasia. We meet up regularly now and we are talking about moving in together. I would happily move to her, and…

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Richard and Yu Mei

Yu Mei, 46, lives in Foshan, Guang­­dong province and runs her own cloth­ing store. The monotony of her dai­­ly work made her feel very tired but af­ter work she had no one around to be with fol­low­ing her di­vorce four years ago. Her chil­­dren worked in other ci­ties to earn mon­ey and her friends all had their own fam­i­lies to take care of. Look­ing at her friends with their…

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