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Alina and Tamer

Hello everyone,

I want to share with you my short story of Great Love! It all began from one chat here. At the time I was in search of my future husband. I was lonely and unhappy.

Now I have someone who supports and understands me. I know I can share the rest of my life with this man. I have realized that this is fate.

You can be sure that Slavic ladies make the …

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Julia and Lauri

Hello everyone,

I want to share the most unforgettable moments of my life with all the world. When you experience something so unbelievable you canít keep that a secret and hide it from everybody. To begin with and for a long time, I had really great difficulty finding a true partner. And the biggest problems were mainly because of the emotional aspect of most of my relationships. There just wasnít any tenderness, sincerity,…

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Julia and Hotser

Only a little time ago I could not imagine that I would ever venture on such a mission to search for love abroad. For years I had not been able to find my Ďother halfí and realized that my outlook differed from our local one so I decided to broaden my search to other parts of the world.

When you have no doubts and are ready to be determined then fate will not make you …

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Elena and Gerker


Still donít believe you can make a successful acquaintance through the site?

I would like to tell you about my acquaintance and an unforgettable meeting with a man I met on a dating site.

Love has no age limit! I was 57 and he was 63! When I came to the dating site, in my heart I had a hope that I would meet my one and only with whom I could live …

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Natalia and Mark

Hello everyone,

When two people get acquainted on the internet and realize they have a lot in common and their feelings for each other grow each day, they start to imagine the first real meeting! I met a man that made my heart beat so fast, and we had so much in common, we had exactly the same thoughts and wishes, similar views on relationships and family.

When we started to communicate, he immediately impressed …

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Tamara and Zaza

Hello everyone,†

I want to tell you our story.†I knew he wasnít looking for anything serious because he had just got out of a marriage but after about three weeks of communication, I invited him to go on a real date. It was a great surprise for me to meet him in Poltava!

We had a perfect evening with tasty food, my favorite wine, and his happy smile. By the end of the …

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Ekaterina and David


We are David and Ekaterina! Hello everybody here! First of all a few words about how we met! I came to Odessa for work and while I was here I met a lady who helped me to translate when I was in a shop. I asked her where she worked because her English so good! Her answer was that she worked for a marriage agency. I had never heard about this so I asked …

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Miroslav, Poland

Me and Renata, we didnít hit right away. I congratulated her on her Birthday, she thanked me, invited me to chat. Small steps, getting to know each other, step by step, taking our time. It is the best way to build a happy, healthy relationship, at least for us. We are together for a year and a half and still counting! Good luck to everyone here!

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Daniel, Belgium

Years ago, my first love was a Russian exchange student. We didnít work out, she left, but ever since Iíve always been sure that I need a Slavic lady. Thatís why I came here and oh I was rewarded. After a month of search, I saw her, my own kind of perfection. I canít wait to meet her face to face!

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Natalia and Bill

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you the story about my meeting with Bill.

I had a date with Bill when I had almost given up.†It happened when I had almost given up. I have been registered on the site for many years but still had not had any serious communication.

Bill lives in Ukraine and he was looking for a lady to live with. He had come to my city to meet a lady …

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