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Oksana and Gene


My name is Oksana and the first thing you should know about me - I am in love with my husband! Online dating helped me and my Gene to meet!

Deep in my heart I always knew I would meet someone but I never imagined it would happen through the internet. I saw him online the first week after registering and felt it was the beginning of something special and magical. I had never felt …

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Alexandra and Alex

Hello everyone,

I had been a member on this site for a few years and then I met an attractive, smart, and simply amazing man here. His name is Alex. Can you imagine - I have the same name as my boyfriend. I think it was destiny!

There was an instant attraction between us from our first chat. As I was reading his letters here I kept thinking, "yes, yes...Me too!". I really liked everything …

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Tristan, Australia

I found the girl I had been searching for my entire life. Susie and I met on Behappy2day and exchanged texts. Thanks to Behappy2day because I got a partner beyond my imagination. I recommend this website to those who are looking to have a serious relationship in their lives.

Katerina and Arman


My name is Katerina and I’d like to thank this online dating website. I found a man from Lebanon here! I had been looking for my love for many years and I met my Arman here.

My friend helped me to register on this website. At first I reacted to the whole idea with some skepticism but then I saw him online. We chatted with each other almost every night. Soon he decided …

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Eugeniya and Mateusz


I'm Eugeniya from Ukraine. A couple of years ago I met a charming man from Poland. Our first "meeting" was online. There was an instant attraction and immediate chemistry between us. We messaged each other quite a lot for about three months. We spent a lot of time chatting with each other here.

When we finally met in person in Ukraine for the first time, it confirmed the serious feelings we had for …

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Darina and Noah


My name is Darina and I want to share the story of my love for a loving, romantic, kind and smart man from Morocco, a magnificent country in North Africa.

I'm from Ukraine but a few years ago I decided to try to find my love through the internet. And it's true that the most interesting men in the world try to do the same thing using this site!

I always thought …

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Diana and Tepe


My name is Diana and I am from Ukraine. It's so great that online dating exists because through the internet I met the man of my dreams. And now there is a new reality for both of us. I would like to explain that Ukrainian girls are amazing wives, we take care of our family and can cook really well.

Me and Tepe met for the first time a month ago and then …

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Junyi and John


Today we would like to tell you the love story of Junyi and John who met on our website.

John is a simple man who lived a simple life alone. His three kids had all grown up and lived far away from him. So, John used to sit alone missing someone to hug, someone who would give him a kiss, listen to and understand him; someone who would love him forever. John had been …

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Lili and Michael

Hello everyone out there,

We would like to tell you about Lili and Michael’s love story which really is like a true miracle.

Despite the fact that Lili was born into a very traditional Chinese family, there was always care, support, and love between the members. She is a very family-oriented woman herself and although she had been a widow for many years and has a teenage daughter, this did not stop her …

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Valeria and Charlie

Hello everyone!

I'm Valeria. I see many users of this online dating website share their successful stories so I decided to tell you mine too.

I met Charlie online 8 months ago. I was really impressed how smart and kind he was. For some time I just read his letters and dreamed about our real date. It was so difficult for me to take this serious step but I decided to act decisively.

Imagine …

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