Finding Exotic Asian Beauties Has Never Been Like This

Renowned for their chiseled, exotic features which yield a sophisticated beauty that turns the heads of men all over the world, Asian ladies have been long sought-after for their unique mix of gorgeousness, seductive measures and intelligence. Now, finding one of these beautiful Asian singles is as simple as joining Be Happy International – our database of Asian single women will satisfy any yearning to locate the perfect Asian soulmate. Even if you’re not ready for that step, you can arrange online dates with sexy Asian ladies to determine if they’re right for you. Through the magic of, finding Asian girl of your dreams and fantasies is a mere signup away. From curvaceous women with smiles and figures that will get your heart racing to voluptuous stunners who will quicken your pulse with one sultry glance, we have the Asian lady that’s been waiting for you. Browse through our Asian dating profiles now.

  • Asian woman Linlin from Nanchang, China



    city:Nanchang, China

  • Asian woman Qianxi from Changsha, China



    city:Changsha, China

  • Asian woman Tiliman from Nanchang, China



    city:Nanchang, China

  • Asian woman Anna from Kiev, Ukraine



    city:Kiev, Ukraine

  • Asian woman Yifan from Nanchang, China



    city:Nanchang, China

  • Asian woman Mingyue from Dashiqiao, China



    city:Dashiqiao, China

    There's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.

    There's some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.

  • Asian woman Ling from Fushun, China



    city:Fushun, China

    If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change.

    If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change.

  • Asian woman Lifang from Nanning, China



    city:Nanning, China

  • Asian woman Yi from Nanning, China



    city:Nanning, China

  • Asian woman Mingxia from Shenyang, China



    city:Shenyang, China

    A merry heart goes all the way

    A merry heart goes all the way

  • Asian woman Minjun (Junjun) from Nanchang, China
    Minjun (Junjun)



    city:Nanchang, China

  • Asian woman Dong from Nanning, China



    city:Nanning, China

  • Asian woman Shujie (Jie) from Nanning, China
    Shujie (Jie)



    city:Nanning, China

  • Asian woman Can from Changsha, China



    city:Changsha, China

  • Asian woman Sai from Changsha, China



    city:Changsha, China

  • Asian woman Xiaoguang (Guang) from Changsha, China
    Xiaoguang (Guang)



    city:Changsha, China

  • Asian woman Yicai (Caicai) from Nanchang, China
    Yicai (Caicai)



    city:Nanchang, China

  • Asian woman Xiaohan (Linda) from Tianshui, China
    Xiaohan (Linda)



    city:Tianshui, China

    If you don't let me go, I will love you forever.

    If you don't let me go, I will love you forever.

Beautiful Asian Singles are Waiting…

Here’s what we know for certain: Nothing is eternal in our lives and in the world of love. Those who have previously failed at finding true love tend to enter the next relationship with a lot more caution. While we can’t blame gentlemen who have been “burned” in love before for being skeptical, it’s not that difficult to find beautiful, young, kind and easy-going girls that will remain loyal and dedicated to their man – you just need to know where these ladies are.

That’s where Be Happy International and our plethora of Asian single women and Asian girls selections come in. From our perspective, Asian partners are the best choice for gentlemen who don’t want to be hurt in love because they combine beauty, complaisance and singular fidelity. In fact, according to the results of sociological research via Facebook and on a multitude of dating sites in recent years, men throughout the entire civilized world prefer to get acquainted with Asians more often than with ladies originating from other nationalities.

The Appeal of Asian Single Women

Psychologists and ethnographers we’ve spoken to attest such a phenomenon to the fact that those in the majority maintained their adherence to patriarchal relations.

Here’s the bottom line: An Asian mate will almost never be tempted to humiliate her man, never discuss personal family life matters with her friends and will always remain hardworking and persistent – all while working and studying obstinately, and not forgetting about her home and family. What’s more, she tries not to interfere in her man’s relationships with ex-girlfriends, relatives and friends.

If these are desired features you have been looking for in an Asian girlfriend, the time has come for you to finally find your beloved life partner. Be Happy International boasts some of the largest numbers of Asian singles online, so you are sure to find the girl of your dreams.

Why Asian Ladies are So Popular Among Western Men

There are, essentially, two sides of Asian singles that garner the attention of Western gentlemen – inner beauty (including personality traits, outlooks on life, etcetera) and, of course, outer beauty (their physical characteristics). Interestingly, it’s the first aspect that’s routinely shrouded in myths and misconceptions, ultimately stereotyping Asian women in a way that’s not always flattering.

A significant cross-section of Western men honestly believe that Asian girls are conventional, humble and meek, seeking a relationship with Westerners just to help them out of a predicament, overtly sexual in nature and are completely submissive to every whim. The problem with widespread misconceptions like these is that it leads to a lack of understanding cultural peculiarities.

How Asian Singles Differ Amongst Each Other

There are typical characteristics that define Asian singles in different countries, but the question is…which one will suit you?

Chinese Women

Chinese ladies are usually timid and pragmatic in nature, respecting their parents and generally exhibiting a somewhat eccentric viewpoint when it comes to medicine.

Japanese Women

Japanese girls are typically well-educated, highly organized and independent, often interested in relationships but requiring assurance for long-term commitments.

Korean Women

Korean ladies, specifically those in South Korea, are also very intelligent – even more so than Korean males – and are very adventurous, though they tend to be less conventional than other Asian girls, making them more suitable for a Western man.

Filipino Women

Filipino ladies are hospitable and creative, meaning that family life with them will never be boring; what’s more, they have no problems handling a household budget. However, Filipino women might be prudent and shy with regard to expressing affection to a Westerner in public due to their society’s pressure.

Why Do Asian Women Prefer Western Men Over Their Asian Counterparts?

Much of this comes down to the aforementioned pressure – indeed, Asian ladies endure something of a “stress factory” concerning a relationship, and this can often be so severe they either reject any life together at all or turn to Westerners.

Demands of Asian single women can include:

Starting a family at a young age (in remote areas, a 25-year-old Asian female is already considered a “spinster” whereas in large metropolitan areas, a 30-year-old would wear this moniker).

Playing the role of a caring housewife despite holding full-time employment.

Putting aside their own desires and preferences in men to honor those of their parents.

Asian women choose Western males because they tend to be better at accepting people from other cultures – despite their life paths. At the same time, almost every Asian lady considers relationships a two-sided contract:

1. She, as an Asian soulmate, gives her spouse a “face” in public.

2. He, as a Western partner, should put family first and remain friendly with in-laws.

With a beautiful Asian woman by your side, your life will never be the same…is there really anything else you need to know about Asian singles to convince you?

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