Galina-Angelina and Farey

Hello, everyone! My name is Galina-Angelina). I live in the capital of Ukraine in the city of Kiev. I want to tell you about and share my impressions of my experience on this site! I was alone for a long time, but I dreamed of finding true love and my friend persuaded me to register on the website "Be Happy" …..

At first I didn't believe it would be successful but on the second day of being on here, Farey wrote to me. He said that he was planning to be in Kiev and immediately offered me to meet in real life! Farey was so convincing! He managed to intrigue me and said that he would arrange the most fantastic date for us!

The website administration and my local agency kept all the organizational details a secret! In the evening a car came to collect me and took me to a building in the city center where Farey met me and we went up to the roof on the 27th floor! There was a gorgeous view of the Dnieper, bridges, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Motherland ... it was a perfectly organized and unforgettable evening in the company of my Farey! It was an evening filled with harmony, romance and love - and it was exactly what I had been dreaming about! A light delicious dinner, fragrant champagne, sumptuous desserts, pleasant music and just the two of us - from our bird's eye view we admired the majestic city that was within our grasp, and the millennial stars that have seen millions of love stories, but shone only for us this night … It was even more pleasant to admire the sunset - the roof was decorated with candles and rose petals …. A romantic dinner on the roof is a fantastic way to create a unique date! I have never met such an original and romantic man! Farey said, why wait for a certain event when you can enjoy love and romance every day? And I agree with him! Afterwards we went to a night club where we danced and had fun all night long! Farey had to leave in the morning so I took him to the airport. We agreed that we would communicate. Let's see what lies ahead!

Now I want to thank my local agency and the site administration for helping us to arrange our date! Everything was done quickly and professionally! I couldn't believe that such magic could be organized in just one day! I'm so happy that I decided to register here! To everyone who still has any doubts - I recommend that you don’t hesitate! Register as soon as possible! Who knows, maybe your better half is already waiting for you!

Sincerely with you, Galina–Angelina

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