Juan and Tom


Fate brought Tom and Juan together in 2015 when they started dating and fell in love. Two years later, they finally got married and are now are living happily with their newborn baby!

Tom is from Canada where it is very cold in winter, just like Juan’s home in Shenyang. Tom has one older brother and one younger sister and has three kids of his own who are now grown up. Nearly all his family live quite far away so it is hard for him to meet them very easily or very often. Tom says he was tired of being alone after being single for over 10 years and knew it was time for him to start a new life with a pretty and loving Chinese lady. Then he found Juan and he told us that she changed his life very much for the better and he loves her so much.

Juan had been a single mom for over seven years and worked hard in Shenyang as a manager. She spent a lot of time with her daughter and at work. She often dreamed that someone could help her and love her for the rest of her life so she felt so lucky when she met and fell in love with Tom. At first, they talked a lot and shared a lot, and then they met face to face before finally deciding to get married. Now Juan is happy with a smile on her face every day and says that thanks to Tom, her life is full of light, hope, and power!

Juan and Tom

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