About Me

  • Birthday 07 Jan 1992
  • Zodiac Sign ♑︎ Capricorn
  • Residence Athens, Greece
  • Occupation Science
  • Education University
  • Level of English Fluent
  • Religion Christian
  • Smoke? Non-Smoker
  • Drink? Social
  • Height 6' 2'' / 1.89m
  • Weight 132 Lbs / 60 kg
  • Hair Color Red
  • Eye Color Green
  • Marital Status Single
  • Children None
  • Plans Children Undecided

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I`m a woman who loves sports, walking in nature, swimming in the sea, and basking in the sun. I`m lucky enough to live in beautiful Greece, where the natural beauty and warm climate make it the perfect place for all my favorite activities. I`m an active person by nature, and I love nothing more than getting outside and moving my body. Whether it`s going for a run along the beach, hiking in the mountains, or taking a long walk through the countryside, I always feel invigorated and alive when I`m surrounded by nature. One of my favorite activities is swimming in the sea. There`s something so refreshing and exhilarating about immersing yourself in the cool, clear water and feeling the sun on your skin. I love to swim out to the rocks and explore the underwater world, watching the fish and feeling the gentle movement of the waves. Living in Greece has given me the opportunity to experience all of my favorite activities in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I feel so lucky to be able to call this place my home, and I`m grateful for every day that I get to spend exploring the outdoors and enjoying the sun, sea, and sand.

Self Description

I`m a woman who loves an active lifestyle. I thrive on the hustle and bustle of the city, and I`m always on the go. I love nothing more than exploring new places, trying new things, and meeting new people. I`m the kind of person who`s always up for an adventure. Whether it`s hiking in the mountains, trying a new restaurant, or checking out a local concert, I`m always eager to experience something new. I love the energy and excitement of the city, and I`m constantly seeking out new ways to challenge myself and push my limits. I`m also a very cheerful person by nature. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and I try to find joy in every moment. I love to laugh, sing, dance, and have fun. I believe that a positive attitude can go a long way in making life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

I’m Looking For

I`m ready to find someone to share my life with. I`ve tried meeting people through friends, social events, and online dating sites, but so far, nothing has quite clicked. That`s why I`m here, on this site, hoping to find someone who shares my values, interests, and goals. I`m looking for someone who is kind, compassionate, and understanding, someone who is ready to build a life together based on mutual respect and love. I know that finding love isn`t easy. But I believe that there`s someone out there for me, someone who will appreciate me for who I am.
So if you`re out there, my dear future partner, know that I`m here, ready and willing to take a chance on love. I`m excited to see where this journey takes me and to find someone who will be my partner in life, through thick and thin. Let`s take a chance on love together!

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