Viktoriya from Kiev, Ukraine

city: Kiev, Ukraine
This week is glad to introduce a lovely lady Viktoriya from Kiev, Ukraine. Viktoriya is a loyal and kind lady who believes in love and dreams a lot. She is looking for a smart and kind guy with a big heart who has a good sense of humor. Would you like to know more about her? Read Viktoriya’s story and enjoy her amazing photos.

Hi dar­ling!

My name is Vik­toriya and I am a very in­ter­est­ing lady. I have many good qual­i­ties – I am smart as well as beau­ti­ful. Be brave and get to know me bet­ter. I love to paint in a pop art style and I al­so like med­i­ta­tion, yo­ga and……mo­tor­cy­cling. I am open to ev­ery­thing new and in­ter­est­ing and ready to share the in­ter­ests of my man.

I al­so adore sport and sup­pose re­al­ly that sport is our life be­cause we should al­ways be in mo­tion.

I am an open and pos­i­tive lady who sees on­ly good in this world and I have a great sense of hu­mor. I be­lieve in love and chem­istry be­tween peo­ple.

I dream a lot be­cause I be­lieve in the pow­er of our thoughts. We are what we are in­side and that is what we bring to this world. I be­lieve that I will be hap­py be­cause soon I will meet my true love and we will build a strong re­la­tion­ship. We will work in tan­dem to be­come a re­al team who will en­joy this life to­gether.

With love,

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