Natalia from Mariupol, Ukraine

city: Mariupol, Ukraine
This week we are glad to introduce a stunning lady Natalia from Mariupol, Ukraine. Although the holiday season is already over, this lady would like to tell you a winter fairy-tale to let you feel warmth and joy. Read Natalia’s message to you and enjoy viewing her festive pictures.

Hi my Sweet,

This win­ter a beau­ti­ful lady is wait­ing for you in a king­dom of the Win­ter Fairy Tale. There are on­ly cold and lumps of ice around her, but still her smile is ready to warm your heart up. Yes, I'm like a snow fairy on the wings of hope, avoid­ing a bl­iz­zard, frost and cold. I'm look­ing for some­one who will melt the cold in my heart and save me from lone­li­ness. I have a gift for this spe­cial man - my heart. Love warms, gives a sense of spring and in­spi­ra­tion.

I hope that you are the one who comes to save me with a mag­i­cal kiss of sin­cere feel­ing. My king­dom needs the pro­tec­tion of a brave and fear­less king. Maybe it is you? Do not let me freeze with the arms of cold wrapped around me when I'm alone. Your snow fairy is al­ready wait­ing for you, my brave king! Your courage will be re­ward­ed, be sure. I in­vite you to share my in­spi­ra­tion of the win­ter holi­days and to start our own fairy tale where we will both be so hap­py in love!

Sin­cere­ly yours,

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