About Me

  • Birthday 21 Jan 1997
  • Zodiac Sign ♒︎ Aquarius
  • Residence Medellín, Colombia
  • Occupation Health care
  • Education University
  • Level of English Fair
  • Religion Catholic
  • Smoke? Non-Smoker
  • Drink? Social
  • Height 5' 3'' / 1.60m
  • Weight 132 Lbs / 60 kg
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye Color Green
  • Marital Status Single
  • Children None
  • Plans Children No

* the level of English is estimated by the lady


Enveloped in a vibrant array of interests, I derive immense joy from the exhilaration of cycling. With each pedal, I propel myself toward new horizons, embracing the liberating spirit of the open road. Within the confines of the kitchen, I orchestrate culinary masterpieces, infusing ingredients with a blend of creativity and ardor, resulting in flavorsome dishes that delight the senses. Wanderlust ignites a fervent fire within me, spurring me to embark on journeys that allow me to immerse myself in the rich tapestry of cultures. Across the globe, I savor one-of-a-kind experiences that contribute to the colorful mosaic of my life. The written word weaves its magic as I find solace within the pages of books, transported to realms of both imagination and knowledge. Among my myriad interests, the realm of fashion stands as an avenue for artistic expression. I consider clothing a canvas through which I communicate my unique individuality. Yet, it`s in the embrace of nature that I discover my most profound connection. Whether hiking through towering woods or gazing at a celestial expanse of starlit skies, it is within these moments that my heart truly finds its home.

Self Description

❤❤ Greetings! I go by Lorena, and I`m a woman brimming with positivity. Embracing outdoor activities brings me boundless joy. Since my early years, the allure of travel has captivated me. An inherent sense of adventure courses through my veins, and I`m committed to absorbing new knowledge each day. I aspire to share these experiences with someone who values my growth and contributes to my personal evolution. My belief in mutual support and trust is unshakable. Should you be perusing these lines, I hope they inspire you to reach out. I am confident that together, we can embark on a journey of discovery, forever expanding our horizons through new encounters and fresh experiences. Among my aspirations is the dream of parenthood. The prospect of motherhood beckons to me—a chance to cherish the experience of nurturing life. Whether blessed with a beautiful princess or a playful young lad, the thought of watching them chase a ball across the yard of the substantial dwelling I envision with my future spouse is a cherished vision. ❤❤

I’m Looking For

I`m not seeking someone who`s reserved or hesitant. To me, it holds significance that a man displays initiative. Experience and a sharp intellect are qualities that draw my attention. Feeling extraordinary is paramount, which is why I`m drawn to someone who exudes self-assuredness and genuine emotions. When I sense sincerity and authentic intentions from a man, my inner self blossoms like a young flower. I yearn to reveal the depths of my soul. Respect stands as a cornerstone in relationships, pivotal to my perspective. I set high expectations for myself, and I desire a partner who stands as a worthy match, someone for whom I can be a supportive companion.

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