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Len from Australia and Armine from Armenia

I am such a very hap­py wo­m­an and I am so grate­­ful to this amaz­ing agen­­cy for that hap­pi­­ness be­­cause they gave me the op­­por­­tu­ni­­ty to meet Len and get to know him.

I would like to ex­­plain a lit­­tle about how our hap­py life to­gether be­­gan. I re­­ceived a let­ter from Len which ex­­pressed his in­­ter­est in me. To be hon­est, even from the very out­­set, he in­­ter­est­ed me too be­­cause he seemed to be a de­­cent and in­­tel­li­­gent man and I de­­cid­ed to get to know him a bit bet­ter.

In fact, we had cor­re­spond­ed very lit­­tle be­­fore Len de­­cid­ed he wan­t­ed to meet me so he came to Tbil­isi which is not far from Yere­­van. I went to meet him at the air­­port and then we went to­gether…

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Nick, Canada

I’d like to thank everyone at BeHappy2Day who are easily the best international dating website I’ve tried. I didn’t think finding someone special would be this easy after my divorce but it only took a month before I found someone who means more to me than I could ever imagine.

After just a few weeks of talking I knew she was special and just three months after our first…

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Steven from the USA and Aleksandrina from the Ukraine

I be­lieve in love at first sight and when I saw Steven I knew that all I want­ed was to be with him. His thought­ful eyes and won­der­ful smile caught my at­ten­tion then and now I am re­al­ly hap­py! I feel like my dream has come true, I have found a man who I feel com­fort­able and safe with and we are very much in love!

From our first let­ters to each other I knew that we had a lot in com­mon. I will nev­er for­get our first phone call, it was so fun­ny. I felt like a lit­tle girl and my voice was trem­bling. Our first meet­ing, our first date and con­ver­sa­tion - I re­mem­ber all th­ese and I sure­ly can say that th­ese me­m­ories make me feel hap­py and make me smile ev­ery time I re­mem­ber when Steven first took my hand. We laughed a lot and felt that we had known each other for ages…

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Susanna from Armenia and Dean from Australia

Our sto­ry be­gan the mo­ment we first start­ed chatt­ing with each other and from the very be­gin­n­ing I knew that this was the per­son I want­ed to be with. There was some mag­ic con­nec­tion be­tween us that guid­ed me ev­ery time I wrote to him.

Over three or four months we chatt­ed and wrote let­ters to each other. That was an im­por­tant time for me, gett­ing to know each other. I felt that my days start­ed with him and end­ed with him. We sche­d­uled cer­tain times when we could have video chats so that we had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to see each other live and ev­ery now and then we tele­phoned each other.

It was so nice to know that each day…

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Walter, Belgium

A year ago I decided to change my life for the better. My work brought me no pleasure as nobody waited for me at home. To lead a single life is not a cool thing I should say! Joying the site was a spontaneous decision but the right one. I met the women that exceeded all my expectations! We’ve already set our wedding date! Thanks!

Liana from Armenia and Bary from the USA

Our sto­ry is a fan­tas­tic one. It ac­tu­al­ly starts at the point when I de­cid­ed to vis­it this site to find my soul­mate. A friend of mine had ad­vised me to give it a try so I did.

My first com­mu­ni­ca­tion with Bary was a chat then we be­gan to com­mu­ni­cate with each other more and more be­cause it seemed that we had so much in com­mon - in­ter­ests, un­der­s­tand­ing, our way of think­ing. We start­ed writ­ing let­ter­s and re­al­ly gett­ing to know one other.

Sev­er­al months lat­er, Bary came to my home­town to meet me. It was one of the hap­pi­est days of my life when I met him for the first time. I could not stop smil­ing, I was so hap­py, so emo­tio­n­al, com­plete­ly un­aware of any­thing else around me. We had a won­der­ful time…

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Soli from South Africa and Anush from Armenia


I am Anush and I am so thank­ful to this site for their gener­ous sup­port in help­ing me to find my love­ly Soli and for us to now have a suc­cess­ful mar­ri­age.

I re­mem­ber the first day I re­ceived a let­ter from Soli and, while I was read­ing his let­ter, I felt that he was the man I would like to spend my life with. I could say re­al­ly say that it was love from the very first let­ter. My heart and soul told me that I was go­ing to mar­ry him.

Af­ter a while, when we had be­gun to know each other, Soli told me that he want­ed to meet me in re­al life…

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Steve, England

Just 9 months ago my happy story began when I first signed up to BeHappy2Day which helped me create a profile and be linked in hundreds of beautiful women who might be interested in meeting me.

Among all of the women on the site I talked to a few people but as soon as I spoke to Elena there was something which sparked inside me. We are now living…

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Kevin from the United States and Madle­na from Ar­me­nia

Hel­lo I am Madle­na from Ar­me­nia. I would like to ex­press my sin­cere thanks to the won­der­ful agen­cy for their in­cred­i­ble work and I would es­pe­cial­ly like to men­tion the Ar­me­nian branch for their hon­es­ty and pro­fes­sio­n­al­ism.

The world changed in my eyes when I met my love­ly Kevin. Af­ter a short while cor­re­spond­ing with each other, Kevin de­cid­ed to come to Ar­me­nia to vis­it me. Al­though I was look­ing for­ward to our meet­ing, I couldn’t help feel­ing excit­ed and con­fused. It was hard for me to com­pre­hend that the beau­ty of all our let­ters could ac­tu­al­ly turn in­to re­al­i­ty…

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Krystian, Poland

Hi BeHappy2Day! Here is my happy ending story. A couple years ago I was completely heartbroken after my painful breakup. One month later I joined BeHappy2Day just to talk to beautiful women and take my mind off my ex.

Finally, I met Maria, a charming intelligent woman who also went through a divorce. I realized at once that she was the right one! We’ve been married since last winter…

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