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Gabriel, France

All my life I’ve struggled to find my special one. Well, you know it is really not that easy and things can be even harder if you’re a busy businessman. I set my hopes on online dating and chose BeHappy2Day. It was a big win for me! I found love and friendship… and both in the same person! Thanks. 

Adriano and Alina

I have to tell you that go≠ing on a dat≠ing site was some≠thing re≠al≠ly new to me.

I could nev≠er imagine that one day I would meet some≠one like Adriano. I had lost hope and did not ex≠pect that join≠ing the site would bring a re≠sult. I have to say that we cor≠re≠spond≠ed for some time, chatt≠ed, sent each other pho≠tos, songs, our fa≠vorite videosÖ

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Vasil and Evgenia

I want to tell you about my meeting with Vasil from Burgas in Bulgaria. We started to communicate on the site and from the very first letters we knew that we had so much in common. We talked about so many things!

I never thought that we would actually meet each otherÖ but the moment did come.

I want to mention how much the site and our…

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Smith, Australia

Itís amazing how Iíve gone from lonely divorcée to happy fiancée and father-to-be in only 6 months! BeHappy2Day, your site is out of this world, thanks a ton! After my divorce 5 years ago, I was totally done with finding Mrs. Right. I figured, marriage just wasnít for me, and I decided to focus on my career instead. But once my business started booming, I felt really lonely again because I didnít…

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Werner, Norway

Hi, guys! Do you know how great your site is? It took me only 8 months to go from a lonely bachelor to a happy husband! Me and my wife Olga will always remember you, guys. Thanks a lot!

Adam, Canada

Because of the nature of my expertise, Iíve been living in a scarcely populated part of Northern Alberta. Well, let me tell you, itís next to impossible to meet a woman when youíre located in the middle of a forest 10 months out of the year! Since I was tired of being so lonely, I took a chance on online dating with BeHappy2Day, and that was quite possibly the smartest thing I…

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Daniel, USA

Hi guys! There are no sites in the United States like yours. Marriage, family, and home are almost gone in the US that’s why BeHappy2Day is vital and very useful! I honor, respect and love this site! Thanks so much!

Brad and Marina

My name is Marina and I want to share with you my beautiful story of meeting a man from the United States of America called Brad.

This story is very sweet and I think quite unique because it all began many years ago on the dating site. I donít remember who wrote the first letter but we started to feel that special connection pretty much right after we began communicating. We would exchange…

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Michael and Julia

I want to share this short story about our meeting with all those people who do not believe in the power of a dating site. 

We began our communications as any other couple would - trying to get to know each other.  Michael and I wanted to build our friendship and then see where it would lead us. I felt so comfortable and easy with him and I could never wait to tell him what sort of day I had had and to share all my bad news as well as my good news.

One day we decided that we wanted to meet each other in real life.  I was really excited, nothing…

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Martin, Norway

I am so happy that fate brought me to this site. I enjoyed talking to many gorgeous ladies, but only when I met Larisa I realized I wanted more than just chatting… Larisa is my highest priority now and I’ll do my best to visit her this summer. I am very grateful to the site.