David and Anna

I met David on the first day that I vis­it­ed the dat­ing site. We had long chats through the night un­til the morn­ing and be­­gan to get to know each other bet­ter and bet­ter. Af­ter six weeks we de­­cid­ed to meet each other in re­al life so David came to Kiev the fol­low­ing month.

David looked just like his pho­­to – al­ways smil­ing and jok­ing all the time.

We spent a lot of time to­gether, we went to the art gallery, parks and res­­tau­rants. We talked about ev­ery­thing – movies, pets, art, our fu­­ture. David wan­t­ed to know more about Ukraine and wants to vis­it Lviv on his next trip. We talked about Ukrai­­nian wo­m­en and Ca­­na­­dian men, the dif­fer­­ences in their char­ac­ters and at­ti­­tude. We al­­so took a walk through the ci­­ty cen­ter, talk­ing and laugh­­ing all the time we were to­gether.

David was very char­m­ing and hon­est and I re­al­­ly hope he in­­vites me to vis­it him in Ca­­na­­da next spring. I be­lieve we will meet again very soon.


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