Edward and Christina

Ed­ward and Christi­na Li met each other on our web­site and when they first met face to face, it was at the air­port when Christi­na took her daugh­ter to meet Ed­ward too. They had such a won­der­ful time to­gether and now they’re plan­n­ing their wed­d­ing.

Ed­ward has al­ways been in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese cul­ture and was re­al­ly keen to learn Chi­nese but he nev­er thought that he could meet such a beau­ti­ful Chi­nese lady on­line. When he first saw her pro­file on our web­site he thought Christi­na looked like an an­gel and couldn’t help mak­ing con­tact with her im­me­di­ate­ly.

As for Christi­na, luck­i­ly for Ed­ward, she hap­pens to be an En­glish teach­er, so they can com­mu­ni­cate re­al­ly well and they have a lot of things in com­mon. Christi­na says Ed­ward asks a lot of ques­tions and this makes her feel very spe­cial. Christi­na al­so told us that she used to find teach­ing bor­ing but since meet­ing Ed­ward she feels to­tal­ly dif­fer­ent about it.

We hope their wed­d­ing goes well and that they have a won­der­ful mar­ri­age. Edward from the USA and Christina from China

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