Owen and Wanying Zhao

Owen is from the USA and Wany­ing Zhao is from Shenyang in Chi­­na. They met each other on our we­b­site and now they’re plan­n­ing their wed­d­ing.

Their re­la­­tion­­ship has come a long way. At first, Wany­ing didn’t know any En­glish at all so com­­mu­ni­­ca­­tion was a huge problem. She re­al­ized that she could not re­­ly on our tran­s­la­­tors all the time if she wan­t­ed to be with Owen so she start­ed to learn En­glish from scratch. She told us that En­glish was re­al­­ly dif­­fi­cult for her but she still did it for Owen and it made her feel more con­nec­t­ed to what he had to say.

As for Owen, he had al­ways been in­­ter­est­ed in Chi­­nese cul­­ture and re­al­­ly wan­t­ed to learn Chi­­nese but he nev­er thought he would meet such a beau­ti­­ful Chi­­nese lady on­­line. When he first saw Wany­ing’s pro­­file on our we­b­site he thought she looked like an an­gel and couldn’t help talk­ing to her im­me­di­ate­­ly.

We hope their wed­d­ing goes well and that they have a won­der­­ful mar­ri­age.

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