Michel, Italy

Hi guys!

I am writing you from Italy. I want to say that I am impressed with your services. To tell the truth, I didn’t think that your care about me in Tver would be so professional. I have cooperated with some dating agencies but was never content with them. Kate is a wonderful interpreter and I believe that it is only due to her help Oksana and me communicated without any difficulties. We both felt at ease in her presence, which seemed unbelievable to me first. Oksana is the loveliest lady I’ve ever met. She is intelligent and easy-going. I should say that we both complement each other. However, I cannot say that I was bored without her, when she was at work. Kate was my kindest friend and the best guide about the city. Now I know everything about Afanasy Nikitin and Nil the Saint. I am impressed how rich the Tver culture is and I am looking forward to learning more about it! I want to pass my best regards to Elena, who arranged my trip to Tver, Kate, who introduced me to the city and all the staff that assisted me in everything. I do miss you all guys but leave that sorrow because I am coming back soon to my beloved Oksana and you!


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