Yana and Jerome

Hello everyone, dear friends! My name is Yana. I want to share my happy story on BeHappy2Day with you. Before I registered my profile on this website, I read loads of reviews, thought about it a lot, I even had a period of doubt. I assume that everyone goes through this stage).

Of course, I understand that each couple has their own story of love! Mine started about a year ago. Jerome wrote a short message to me, something like - "hello beauty how are you?". These were ordinary words but, for some reason, I decided to have a look at his profile. There was no photo but I decided to reply that I would like to see him - "the handsome one". Jerome quickly responded as he had been waiting for my answer and immediately sent me his photo. I liked him straightaway! There was a long period of correspondence. We had a lot of topics to discuss. We instantly felt a mutual attraction! Letters, chats .... the time passed so quickly! Soon I wanted to see him in real life! So, it was time to organize our meeting! I am grateful to the site administration and my local agency for their help! I really liked how attentive they were to us! I felt care and support from them!

Our meeting took place in a cosy restaurant by the river. There was a romantic atmosphere! Jerome and I felt that something had changed in our relationship! We became closer and dearer to each other. There was that feeling that people call "chemistry"! We could no longer be apart! Jerome was so gallant, attentive, generous! He won my heart from the first moment! I felt like a beloved woman next to him!

We stayed together for two days then Jerome had to leave. It was a sad moment. But, a month later, I went to visit him in France! We spent a wonderful weekend together! Now we are chatting, talking .... as we say - we have a "candy-period")). Let's see what awaits us in the future).

Dear friends! I want to say that I am happy that I live in our time - a time when there is such an opportunity to find your love on the Internet! To everyone who still has any doubts, I recommend becoming a member of this website! It truly is a miracle that your loved one may be waiting for you in another country, on another continent and you can meet here! I hope that you all find your love soon!

Best regards, Yana

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