Interested in Russian women dating services? Numerous dating services have sprung up in recent times offering the option to set up a date with a beautiful Russian woman. Choosing from the slew of available online dating websites can be tough due to doubts about the quality and type of services provided. Our dating agency specializes in arranging face-to-face dates with Russian women for maximum satisfaction.

What is Date Me Service?

Date Me is an option for the registered members of Using this service you can meet any lady (ladies) from our site if the lady agrees. It does not matter if you have had corresponded with the lady of your choice or not, you may request Customer Support on BeHappy2day to set up a personal meeting with the lady in her city. Our staff will be responsible for organizing the date with the lady at the scheduled time and for providing the interpreting service, if required.

If you had correspondence with the lady before a personal meeting, the date will become the next step in the process of getting to know each other and will show your compatibility and help you to develop your feelings even more.

Even if you had no prior correspondence with a lady, you still may request a date. It will be a perfect opportunity to discover your destiny in a beautiful stranger! The best things in life happen unexpectedly!

However, we recommend sending at least a few letters before scheduling a personal meeting. If you introduce yourself with letters it will increase your chances of getting a date and help to break the ice once you meet.

Take this opportunity to finally meet a beautiful lady you correspond with or get the first date with a gorgeous girl and discover what you’ve been missing. Order “Date Me” today!

How it works?

Usually meetings take place in the lady’s hometown. You reserve a meeting with the lady/ladies of your choice through Customer Support on After the reservation is confirmed, you will meet your lady at the scheduled date and time.

We will choose and recommend you the most suitable place for the first meeting with a lady: it can be either any local public place, like a cozy cafe or coffee-shop with a smooth and soft atmosphere or BeHappy2day agency office. We will be very happy to make everything possible so that the lady and you feel comfortable during the meeting as it will increase your chances for further successful relationships with the lady.

What are the costs?

  • We charge $99 as an administrative fee for the organization, confirmation and conducting the meeting with a lady. Once you tell us you would like to meet a lady, we will be responsible for every step of the organization of the meeting and solving any difficulties.
  • Initially, “Date Me” is scheduled for 1 hour minimum and includes: your introduction to the lady and one bonus hour of professional interpretation services.
  • If you, your lady and an interpreter agree to proceed, the meeting can be prolonged for unlimited time and you will be charged $15 per hour of interpretation, excluding capital cities, Odessa, Ukraine and St. Peterburg, Russia. *

    * Please, mind that the cost of one interpreting hour in all the capital cities, Odessa and St. Petersburg is $20 per hour

  • If your lady speaks good English and both of you decide not to use the interpreting service, you may meet without an interpreter. Total cost will be $99 per introduction.
  • Introduction fee must be prepaid. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) or Western Union Money Transfer.
  • If the date is confirmed, but your lady fails to meet you, the introduction fee will be refunded.
  • If the date and time scheduled by you is inconvenient for the lady, she may suggest her own ones, and we will inform you within 24 hours. In such case, no extra fees will be required and your initial deposit will be used only when a meeting with the lady is set up.
  • If you de­cide to can­cel your reserved service, you're wel­come to do so by informing our Customer Support. Please note:
    • If you can­cel the service no lat­er than 48 hours be­fore the sche­d­uled time, the pre­pay­ment for the service will be re­fund­ed to your ac­count* in full;
    • If you can­cel the service no lat­er than 24 hours be­fore the sche­d­uled time, 50% of your pre­pay­ment will be re­fund­ed to your ac­count.
    • If you inform our Customer Support later than 24 before the scheduled time or won’t inform at all, your prepayment won’t be refunded.
  • First meeting can be rescheduled by you or by a lady. There is no fee for rescheduling a meeting.

How to book Date Me option?

Date Me reservation is available only for registered members of

  • Log in to
  • Choose a lady you would like to meet
  • Click on Date Me in the lady’s profile
  • Date Me Reservation Form will appear. Please, fill it out and press the “Send” button. The Form will be immediately directed to our administrator who will contact you within next 24 hours.
  • Please, keep in mind that it takes us some time to organize a meeting for you and the lady of your choice. That is why we would ask you to provide us with the filled out “Date Me” Reservation Form not less than 3 days before the expected date of the meeting.
  • When filling out the Form, you are welcome to set the convenient date and time to meet the lady. We will contact the lady to find out if she will be able to meet you at the set up date and time.
  • If the lady accepts your invitation for the meeting and agrees on your date and time, we will send you “Date Me” Reservation Confirmation.
  • If the scheduled date and time is inconvenient for the lady, she may suggest her own ones, and we will send you a letter with the new arrangements.
  • You may either accept the new suggested date and time or offer another one.
  • As soon as you and your lady agree on the date and time of the meeting that will be convenient for both of you, you will receive “Date Me” Reservation Confirmation
  • From here you may start getting ready for your date!

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