Julia from Nikolaev, Ukraine

city: Nikolaev, Ukraine
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Hello! I'm Yulia. My story is from life which is going around me! Maybe for you it will be interesting or just simple, but it is a little piece of my childhood! On some of my photos I'm like a seafarer and a soldier of airborne troops. You ask me why, I will tell you! I live in the city of sailors and shipbuilding! I was grown up near the Black sea, so this is my element!
Also it is going from my family! My grandfather was a sailor. He was on submarine in the Pacific Ocean! Unfortunately now he is not with us, but he lives still in my heart!
The second uniform is of my uncle, he was fighting in Baku, when there was a war there, but he came back healthy and with decorations.
He is very brave, and I love him very much, because he is for me like a father. Things just happened that I was grown up without father, only with my mother and grandmother, so my uncle is only man in my life!
So this is my story, if you want to share with me your memories from childhood, just write me! I would like to read it!
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