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Feb 12, 2015

St. Valentine's Day, 2015: Love is in the air!

St. Valentine’s Day is the most significant, awaited and cherished holiday for all the loving hearts all around the world and another chance to tell each other about love, innermost feelings and desires. Slavic, Asian and Latin ladies find St. Valentine’s Day to be highly meaningful for their relationship and naturally expect to get a sign of tender attention on this special day from their beloved men!

Give loads of unforgettable memories and emotions to your favorite lady by sending her fresh flowers or delicious chocolates accompanied by a delicate perfume with a touching note, as a symbol of your care on February, 14th, 2015.

We’ve updated our Flowers & Gift Delivery Service and included ST. VALENTINE’S SPECIALS for your convenience.  You are welcome to place your order by clicking on "Send a Gift" button in the lady's profile, or by clicking on it in your "Favorite Ladies" page.

We would appreciate if you order in advance so that we could arrange the delivery on time! Thank you!

Feb 11, 2015

BeHappy2Day matches hearts: Don and Elena

We continue bringing people together, and here is a new love story at!  We are glad to share with you the precious moments of the happy meeting of Don and Elena. Being members of, Don and Elena started with correspondence that brought the couple to a romantic rendezvous in real life! Read the success story of Don and Elena to know more about their happy reunion.
BeHappy2Day Team wishes Don and Elena many years of unconditional love and happiness!

Jan 09, 2015

BeHappy2Day introduces a curious lady Olga from Zaporozhye

This week is glad to introduce a curious lady Olga from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Olga is an interesting lady with inquisitive mind. She prefers to follow her heart that very often leads her to charming hidden places of the Earth and makes traveling to be the biggest Olga’s passion. Today the lady shares her bright emotions and memories with you, and invites you to enjoy viewing her captivating photos!

Dec 23, 2014

Flowers & Gifts Gallery Total Update!

BeHappy2day is glad to introduce the entirely new gallery for Flowers & Gifts Delivery Service, providing you with a careful selection of best gift ideas. Sending a lovely present to your special Lady is the ultimate way to show your affection and make a nice surprise for her in the upcoming Christmas Holidays! Hurry up and make her day by sending your beloved one a bouquet of tender flowers, sensual perfume, splendid make-up, useful gadget or even luxurious lingerie!

Looking for something special? Try one of the romantic Christmas Sets, which will definitely brighten up her holiday. And, of course, if your Lady has kids, do not forget to make them happy too, by giving them one of the delightful Toys from our Gallery.

Check out and order new and amazing Flowers & Gifts here, and enjoy the holidays together with your beloved ones!

Dec 22, 2014

Stay in touch with NEW&FREE BeHappy2Day mobile app!

You no longer need a laptop or desktop to stay in touch with your favorite ladies at Install our official NEW and FREE mobile app for Android and enjoy your communication anytime and anywhere. From now on Love has no bounds!

Install BeHappy2Day app for Android to your mobile phone

All that you love about is now in your gadget. With BeHappy2Day app you can:

  • – chat with hundreds of stunning ladies online
  • – read letters from your ladies
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  • – add ladies to your favorites list
  • – view your contact list
  • – search for amazing and sincere ladies
  • – browse ladies’ profiles
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You do not use Android?

No worries! Go mobile with the latest mobile version of!
Just enter in the address bar of your Windows Phone or iOS-based mobile phone you use and get the same advantages that BeHappy2Day app suggests.

Search for your perfect match has never been so easy!

Dec 15, 2014

BeHappy2Day introduces charming Alina from Zaporozhye

This week is glad to introduce a charming lady Alina from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Alina is a positive thinking lady, and prefers enjoying each moment of her life. Today the lady wants to share her sunny mood with you! Enjoy viewing relaxing Alina’s photos and reading her story!
Dec 07, 2014

BeHappy2Day introduces an amazing lady Alena from Nikolaev

This week we are happy to introduce an amazing lady Alena from Nikolaev, Ukraine. Alena is an energetic and open-minded lady, and is a travelling fan! Do you love travelling as much as Alena loves it? Read what the lady’s dream is and what she says about her hobby, and enjoy viewing exclusive positive and sunny Alena’s photos.
Nov 28, 2014

Get 100 FREE Xmas credits!

Get ready for Christmas season with BeHappy2Day's special offer! Enjoy your holiday communication with your favorite ladies as long as never before with 100 FREE Xmas bonus credits.

The offer starts on December 1st and runs up to December 24th, 2014. To get 100 free bonus credits you need to follow three easy steps: chat in Live Chat for 30 min or in Live Video Chat for 15 min with any lady/ladies, send 3 letters to any lady/ladies, and order and send a Xmas gift to any lady. You can make use of the offer one time only during December 01-24. The count of chat minutes, letters and gifts starts on Monday, December 1st.

Nov 19, 2014

BeHappy2Day is proud to introduce amazing Ekaterina from Poltava

This week is proud to introduce an amazing lady Ekaterina from Poltava, Ukraine. Being a creative and talented lady, Ekaterina remembers that true beauty comes from inside, and one can see it through person’s eyes. Therefore Ekaterina has stopped some precious moments for you, and hope it will help you to understand her nature better. Enjoy viewing Ekaterina’s fantastic unique pictures and try to guess her soul!

Oct 31, 2014

BeHappy2Day is honored to introduce charming Natalia from Zaporozhye

This week is honored to introduce a charming lady Natalia from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Being a true beauty on the outside, Natalia stands for the statement that real beauty of a person comes from inside. Learn what helps Natalia to be beautiful both inside and outside, what makes her happy and what she is dreaming of. Enjoy reading Natalia’s story and viewing her captivating pictures!
Oct 30, 2014

Catch Vibes of Love This Halloween!

Experience spells of love spread by our gorgeous single women this Halloween. This holiday is the time of mystery and superstition. Recently it has become very popular in Russia, Ukraine and Asian countries, too. Many young single ladies take part in thrilling fancy-dress parties on a Halloween night.
Hurry up to have fun this Halloween! Get tons of attention from amazing single ladies on Alluring Halloween lovers are looking forward to seeing you Online this Halloween eve.  

Start chatting and sharing romantic vibrations with 
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Oct 15, 2014

BeHappy2Day is glad to introduce an adventurous lady Antonina from Zaporozhye

Today we are glad to introduce you an adventurous lady Antonina from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Antonina is a driving fan and is able to teach men a thing or two about cars, speed and racing without losing her feminine core. This is what makes this lady to be remarkable and precious, and a discovery for any man. We invite you to discover Antonina’s world! Enjoy reading her story, and viewing her unique pictures and a FREE video!
Oct 01, 2014

BeHappy2Day is glad to introduce an impressive lady Mariya from Poltava is glad to introduce you an impressive lady Mariya from Poltava, Ukraine. Have you ever heard that impressive ladies are impressive in everything they do? They are impressive in what they tell, and in the way they speak; in their desire to achieve their goals and in the methods they choose to archive them. Today Mariya proves it and shows how impressive she is in her love for sport! Enjoy reading Mariya’s story and viewing her unique pictures!
Sep 17, 2014

BeHappy2Day introduces a high-spirited lady Inna from Nikopol

Today we are proud to introduce you a high-spirited and stunning lady Inna, from Nikopol, Ukraine. Inna leads a healthy lifestyle. She adores karate very much. She argues that the sport is her true calling. She strongly believes that the competitive spirit guides her in life. Irina is a goal-oriented, and strong person that understands how to achieve success. She has a strong belief that there are no results without efforts. Today the amazing lady shares her inner world with you. Read her story and enjoy her impressive photos!
Aug 14, 2014

BeHappy2Day is glad to introduce a charming lady Irina, from Sevastopol

Today we would like to introduce the charming Irina, from Sevastopol, Russia. Irina combines two unique features: she is a family-oriented person that looks after herself so that she can be healthy, and attractive. She adds variety to her life by playing tennis, and pole dancing. She sincerely believes that these kinds of activities bring her joy, and make her feel confident. She wants to open her mind to you. Have a look at Irina’s breathtaking photos, and enjoy reading her story!
Jul 09, 2014

Boost it up with a Phone Call!

Dear customers,
Having been devotedly working for you for more than ten years in order to make your life more successful and happier, we are happy to announce that today the 10,000th Phone Call within our website was held.  
We want to congratulate the happy couples who have chosen to upgrade their relationship with the help of our Phone Introduction service.

Being miles and miles away from your soul-mate, you can still surprise her with a call. There is nothing like hearing the voice of your beloved one in the middle of a day.
We grant you a perfect chance to boost up and inspire your relationship by ordering a Phone Call.
When ordering a Phone Call at your advantages are:
  • You can hear the voice of a person you are talking to.
This is a perfect opportunity for better discovering the very nature of your lady.
  • You can trace all the emotions and feelings that your partner gets during the conversation.
It’s an open secret that a live conversation brings people closer and any personal contact is a great chance to get to know your partner better within a short period of time!

  • You can bring your relationship to a new level.
Upgrade your relationship with your dream lady after mailing and chatting, or combine it all together to vary your relationship.
Whatever your reason to call your lady is, you are welcome to follow this link to order a Phone Call.
BeHappy2Day will be glad to serve your happiness and success, as usual.
Jul 04, 2014

Non-stop Live Chat is available now!

Dear Customers,

Here is more good news to make your usage of the site’s services easier, more comfortable and efficient: mark the check-box “Automatically charge my credit card for the same amount of credits when my balance runs low” on your Buy Credits page, and whenever your balance reaches 13 credits for on-line Live Chat services and 0 credits for letter writing/reading services, the system will automatically charge your credit card to buy the same amount of credits that you purchased last time. You will never run out of credits again!
How can you benefit from it?
Having Live Chat, Video Chat, or 2-way Live Video Chat sessions with your lady, or using any other services of the site, with the check-box “Automatically charge my credit card” marked, you will always be sure that you will not  be interrupted from your Live Chat or Video Chat session with your favourite lady to manually purchase new credits. Focus on developing your relationship with your favorite lady, and let take care of the rest.

You are welcome to follow this link to access your Buy Credits page to mark your check-box. wishes you a pleasant communication and non-stop Live Chat conversations with On-Line Ladies!
Jun 16, 2014

BeHappy2Day is proud to introduce a striking lady Ekaterina

Today we are highly pleased to introduce you a striking lady Ekaterina from Mariupol, Ukraine.

“Fit is beautiful” – says Ekaterina and perfectly proves the words by her look and her lifestyle. Read more about Ekatertina’s passion for fitness and enjoy viewing her impressive unique photos!

Jun 02, 2014

BeHappy2Day is proud to introduce a gorgeous lady Tatiana from Mariupol is proud to introduce you a gorgeous lady Tatiana from Mariupol, Ukraine. Tatiana is a lady who possesses quite a rare quality to see the beauty in usual and regular things around. Tatiana’s favorite hobby allows her to capture and save the precious moments. Today the lady shares her thoughts with you and lets you have a deeper look at her inner world. Read what Tatiana’s biggest passion is and enjoy viewing her unique photos for free!
May 19, 2014

BeHappy2Day is glad to introduce an amazing Natalia from Mariupol, Ukraine

This week is glad to introduce you an amazing lady Natalia from Mariupol, Ukraine. The format of the profile on the site didn’t allow Natalia to reveal all the aspects of her rich inner world that she wanted to. This is the reason why the lady is happy to let you into her authentic Ukrainian soul today, to give you a better notion of what she is. Natalia is the one who sincerely portrays herself with the words “Tell me who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are”. Read Natalia’s story and enjoy viewing her unique additional photos for free!
May 07, 2014

BeHappy2Day is glad to introduce a stunning lady Oksana from Mariupol, Ukraine

Today we are happy to introduce you a gorgeous lady Oksana from Mariupol, Ukraine. Being a member of our site, Oksana is honest and sincere in her intention to find her soul mate and true love. Oksana is one of those amazing Ukrainian ladies who combine both inner and outer beauty and a strong will with passion for life. Read what Oksana’s biggest passion is and enjoy viewing her unique photos here!
Feb 11, 2014

Get Involved in our Breathtaking Valentine’s Day Chat Marathon! announces a St. Valentine’s Day Chat Marathon beginning on the 14th of February, 2014! We have made some special conditions available, to celebrate this special day. So get involved in our 24 hour on-line Chat Marathon and profit in more ways than one!

What you get when you participate in our St. Valentine’s Day on-line Chat Marathon:

1. Pure emotions, love, and fun, giving a boost to your relationship!

Gorgeous, stunning ladies are waiting to share the magic of St. Valentine’s Day with you and hear your words of love and admiration. Use our on-line live chat services for the expression of your truest, most secret feelings on this very special day.

2. Fantastic savings guaranteed!

Get a FREE Live Chat minute for every 10-minute period of your current Live Chat or Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat session with the same lady.*

For example: after the first 10 minutes of your Live Chat or Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat session, the 11th minute is for free. After the next 10 minutes of your current chat session, the 22nd minute of Live Chat is for free. And so on.**

* to gain your free Live Chat minutes you need to conduct a continuous Live Chat or Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat session with each lady. Live chat sessions with different ladies are not added together.

** to be able to use the free minutes of Live Chat gained from your Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat sessions, you need to switch to Live Chat mode in your current chat session. Free minutes are only applicable to the current Live Chat session, and with the same lady. In instances where you do not use your free Live Chat minutes in the current Live Chat session with the same lady, your free Live Chat minutes will expire.

This February 14th, all day long, from 00:01 AM (PST; UTC/GMT -8 hrs) till 23:59 PM (PST; UTC/GMT -8 hrs), you’ll have the unique opportunity to participate in a Chat Marathon with the most gorgeous Russian and Asian brides ever! Check All Online Ladies right now!

N.B. Meanwhile, do not miss giving loads of unforgettable memories and emotions to your favorite lady by sending her fresh flowers and delicious chocolates with a touching note as a symbol of your care on February, 14th, 2014.

We’ve updated our Flowers & Gift Delivery Service and included ST. VALENTINE’S SPECIALS for your convenience.  You are welcome to place your order by clicking on "Send a Gift" button in the lady's profile, or by clicking on it in your "Favorite Ladies" page.

Jan 30, 2014

Celebrate Chinese New Year and Chinese Spring Festival today!

Dear Customers,

Let us please remind you that Chinese New Year (January, 30) and Chinese Spring Festival are finally here! 

The Spring Festival that in 2014 lasts for about 2 weeks, January 30 – February 14, is the most significant festival for Chinese people, just like Christmas for western people. For celebration, all family members in China get together; those people who live far from home always find a way to go back home for spending Chinese New Year and Spring Festival with family and close people and friends. Everybody is waiting for their most secret dreams to come true! 

It is a tradition for Chinese people to exchange gifts during Spring Festival, thus any Chinese lady would happy to get attention from the man she loves and is devoted to, from the one she is thinking of days and nights! 

We kindly remind you not to forget to spoil your favorite Chinese lady with a special gift for Chinese New Year and Spring Festival!

You are welcome to choose a gift for your Chinese Princess from our Gift Gallery here. Any kind of a gift will be appreciated by a Chinese lady.

Jan 09, 2014

Easy access to Lady’s Exclusive Photos!

Dear Customers, 

We are happy to announce that starting from Jan.09, 2014 the access to Lady’s Exclusive Photos gallery has become as easy as never before! Spend 10 minutes in Live Chat session / or 5 minutes in Live Video Chat session / or 2.5 minutes in 2-way Live Video Chat session with a lady, and get FREE unlimited access to her Exclusive Photos gallery.

Enjoy viewing unique and breathtaking photos of your favorite ladies at! Check with on-line ladies right now!