Romantic Sets

Romantic Sets

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Tender Lady

25 pink and creamy roses, teddy bear

Who could not resist smiling and feeling loved when they open up a gift set comprising of red roses and a teddy bear? Sending more than two dozen red roses accompanied with an adorable cuddly teddy bear will be a thoughtful, idyllic and loving way to express your feelings to your loved one.

994 credits

Assorted chocolates, Danish cookies, 9 white roses, 3 white lilies, a Red Heart

Do you think your beloved one deserves something really unique on a special day? If so then surprise her by sending tender white roses and lilies. Add here chocolates and cookies… and she will get a message of warm adoration from you!

811 credits
English Lessons

8 English lessons (1,5 hours each)

Does the love in your life struggle with the English language? Is communicating with her fairly difficult? If so, why not give your beloved a thoughtful and practical gift by giving her some private English lessons? Following these English lessons communication will be easier and your relationship even more fulfilling.

977 credits
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