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Sean, Great Britain

Dear Yaroslav,

I have just returned to the UK after spending just over a week in Tver with your team. I would like to say I am very happy with the excellent service all of your staff have provided during my stay. They were all considerate, attentive, helpful and polite at all times both in the office and while I was dating. In particular, interpreters Yaffa and Evgenia were great. A real pleasure to spend time…

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Terrance, California


I know no Russian or at least not very much. I have to qualify the latter because it was my second trip to Tver and I picked up some Russian inspite of myself. Behappy the agency is there to arrange "dates" with the special ladies that I had been emailing for about a year. There is no guarantee that any person will find you or them to be special enough to bind their relationship in marriage. Dating…

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Jerry, Arizona

Dear Be Happy International Staff,

Thank you for a wonderful time in Tver. The trip to and from the Airport was smooth. My interpreter was great, very helpful in the different dates and assisted in arranging my dates and offer suggestions on possible ladies that had expressed interest. I was also very pleased with the customer service that Maria provided; she was very nice to talk with. The ladies that I met with were all very nice,…

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Jeff, Idaho


I recently returned from a trip to Tver, Russia. I like the Behappy agency, and can recommend them. The agency was very helpful with my stay. Recommendations I could offer a future traveler - ask many questions and have the agency help with travel plans, also realize the Russian ladies have different ideas and customs. If you are not already familiar with these differences, I would recommend a visit, to better learn these differences firsthand, before you…

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Kenneth, New Jersey

Dear Elena, Maria , Yaroslav.

I want to thank you for your services and expert help while I was in Tver recently. Unfortunately due to a massive traffic jam in New York and unforeseen problems at the airport, I had to change flights and arrived 2.5 hrs later at Moscow SVU airport, but there you guys were waiting for me to take me to Tver. I also appreciated your "check in" phone call while I was there to make…

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Howard, California

††††††Hello Yaroslav!

†††† You probably barely remember me, as it has been so long, but you may be pleased to know that I married Svetlana, who I met through your agency, last November, here in Los Angeles, and we are expected a boy child the beginning of July. I want to thank you for your help in our relationship, which if you remember, was not so good at first, but now is excelent for both of us.

†††† I…

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Elmer, North Carolina

      Hello All, First I would like to thank all at behappy2day for your help over the last two years. I would like to let you know that the site was both fun but more important, productive. I have found the woman that I will share my life with and will no longer be using the site. Again , Thank you all.

Best regards,
Elmer from North Carolina

Dave, Missouri

††††††If you live in the USA, you can now fly to Moscow non-stop from Atlanta, Georgia. All I did was get a passport, a VISA, and order plane tickets: all on line: It was a snap !! I was greeted at the airport by one of "Be Happy's" interpreters, then it was off to Tver, and a date the first night. I am going to return in a few months: I can't wait !!! Never have I seen such beautiful and wholesome…

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Alastair, UK

††††††Dear Behappy2day Team!

†††† After an exhilarating and unforgettable week in Tver I am back home in England. I was sad to leave not knowing when I shall return. On this my second trip I really had a chance to get to know my lady Oxana, and while her English has improved we could not have managed without an interpreter. For this the agency never failed us and even though most days were public holidays, it seems…

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Stephen, Washington

††††††Hello BeHappy2day!

†††† I would like to thank the entire staff for all the support they provided me during my recent visit to Tver. Since this was my third trip, each of you demonstrated professionalism and pride in making sure that I was taken care of each and every day. I would personally like to extend my gratitude and thanks to my interpreters Kate and Julia for their outstanding support and care as they assisted me throughout…

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