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Lennart, Sweden

  Dear Staff!

I am here to express my emotions about the phone conversation with Anna from Ukraine. We both felt quite comfort within the talk. Due to the professional translation service the conversation went smoothly. 

Edvinas, Norway

Hi Staff!

I’d like to express my delight with you about Flower Delivery Service. If only you could see a happy face of my darling Olga when she got a bouquet of roses! I want to thank you for a prompt reaction on my request. You really fostered our relationship!

Iones, Norway

Hello, dear staff!

I just want to share my great experience with 2-way Live Video Chat. This high-quality service gave me and my favorite woman Tatiana a heap of bright emotions. I really liked this instant and comfortable way of chatting. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to enjoy seeing and talking to the beloved woman.

Gerhard, Norway


I am very glad that now with your live chat on-line game Tic-tac-toe my lady and I can be involved into a nice action together. It is not that it was dull just to talk in live chat or live video chat before, no, never! It has always been the most desirable way to meet we can allow while we are on the different sides of the globe, but with the live chat game it…

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Remi, France

I am so grateful to you for the ways you try to please your clients with new options you launch on your site. This time I am happy with the on-line “tic-tac-toe” game launched. It is a fun to let your lady win you and see how happy she is about being a winner. I am sure this game can bring couple closer, just like it happened with me and my lady. Now we can share more…

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Zack, Denmark

Dear agency,

I am an active user of live video chat on your website and I have been having a very positive experience with it. What I like about the service is that it is modern, easy, fast to deliver messages and has high-speed video translation. I never waited for an extra single minute for anything to be opened or downloaded.

Luc, Belgium

I have just started using the website, and I have chosen behappy2day.com for many reasons. The main one is that it has live chat service, which is so easy to operate. Many single ladies are on-line here and I have found a new loyal friend just within seconds. I love live chat here and I know that the girls’ profiles are confirmed and they are serious. Live chat makes it easy for me to recognize my…

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Mark, Germany


I must confess that with live video chat launched at behappy2day.com my search for a wife became easy, efficient and very enjoyable. Now I can see what a lady looks like in reality and I can see her reactions on the things we discuss. It is not an easy task to find a good wife abroad, but I am happy we can share each other’s live video to understand if we can match in future.

Svien, Norway

Hello be happy, 

Thanks for being so helpful with answering all my questions at customer support service, I really appreciate it. It is nice to know that nowadays you have 2-way live video chat launched; in fact, it is exactly what I was waiting for. I have been you using your live video chat when online with my girl, and always wanted to show her my face too; now you have done it so easy for us!

Gerald, France

Hello, Be Happy agency people,

I am here to share my thoughts on live chat service that you have on behappy2day.com. Having started using the service, I found myself to be admired by so many sincere and beautiful ladies on your site. Before, I did not know they are so single and so genuine; I mean with live chat you have, I can start chatting online with any lady that is there, and they are all in…

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