Victor and Anastasia

It was the second meeting of Nastya and Victor. Victor first came to Moscow in summer 2016. Before that the lady and the man had correspondence and were interested to meet each other.

The man and the lady had a meeting, that was very successful and they decided to continue communicating and meet again soon. Through the whole year they were exchanging letters, their news and the things that happened in their lives. Both were looking forward to the next meeting.

So, Victor arrived in Moscow again in summer 2017. This time they spent more time together, and this meeting helped them to get to know each other better. They were walking through Moscow streets, talking, discussing different topics. Both Victor and Nastya enjoyed this meeting a lot.

After leaving Moscow, the man and the lady continued their daily communication and they plan another meeting again soon. Victor and Nastya are in a good contact and they are happy that there is the possibility to get to know each other better through the website, even being miles away.

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