Angelina from the Ukraine and Ray from Sweden

I met Ray, when I didn't expect it honestly. He answered me when I didn't have any hope that we would find so much in common. We have the same sense of humor. I found it one of the most important things. When people are laughing from each other's jokes they become closer. It was even more unexpected to hear that very soon he would be in my country. Day by day we started to talk more and more and now I don't know how to spend the day without my dear friend. We spent amazing evenings in Kiev. Walking and talking a lot was so easy like we had known each other for many years before this meeting. I found this man extremely interesting. In addition he is a real gentleman. 

We became really good friends and now we are waiting for a future meeting.

I'm thankful to the site and my agency for giving me an opportunity to the person. Life it's is a series of decisions which we are taking every second. I'm glad that it brought Ray to me.

I wish everyone good luck and to not lose your good decisions.


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