Len and Armine

I am such a very hap­py wo­m­an and I am so grate­­ful to this amaz­ing agen­­cy for that hap­pi­­ness be­­cause they gave me the op­­por­­tu­ni­­ty to meet Len and get to know him.

I would like to ex­­plain a lit­­tle about how our hap­py life to­gether be­­gan. I re­­ceived a let­ter from Len which ex­­pressed his in­­ter­est in me. To be hon­est, even from the very out­­set, he in­­ter­est­ed me too be­­cause he seemed to be a de­­cent and in­­tel­li­­gent man and I de­­cid­ed to get to know him a bit bet­ter.

In fact, we had cor­re­spond­ed very lit­­tle be­­fore Len de­­cid­ed he wan­t­ed to meet me so he came to Tbil­isi which is not far from Yere­­van. I went to meet him at the air­­port and then we went to­gether to Yere­­van, Ar­me­­nia.

We spent sev­en un­­for­gettable days to­gether there. Those are some of the most beau­ti­­ful me­m­ories that I have about the start of our re­la­­tion­­ship. While Len was in Yere­­van we re­al­ized that we wan­t­ed to be to­gether, to live to­gether. I re­al­ized that we were made for one another and so, even­­tu­al­­ly, we got mar­ried.

Now I am so hap­py to have such a thought­­ful, car­ing and lov­ing hus­band. Thank you.


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