Ernest and Karolina

Good afternoon dear friends!

Where does the fairy tale begin? In my opinion, it begins where dreams come true. My story began right here on this website. At one point, I was very disappointed that I could not find a worthy man in Ukraine, my homeland, so I decided that it was worth trying to look for love on the internet. And so that is how I came to be on this site.

Very soon, I met a great man here named Ernest. We spent a lot of time chatting online. Then we realized that there was some kind of spiritual bond between us and the idea that we needed to meet dawned on us both.

And so we met! How happy we were to see each other! Ernest chose a fabulous restaurant with the atmosphere of a palace. In his company, I felt like a princess in a castle! Ernest was very gallant and charismatic. Our meeting was warm and incredibly enjoyable. On the second day of his visit to Ukraine, we decided to take a walk hand in hand in the park where we ate ice cream. Our time together was very romantic, Ernest knows how to care!

But, by the end of his trip to Ukraine, we realized that we would rather be good friends than lovers. I am very grateful to Ernest for the time we spent together. He is a wonderful man and I do believe and very much hope that he and I can find our beloved ones here, on this site.

I want to convey my gratitude to my agency and this site - guys, you fulfil people's dreams of finding love! Thank you for your work, care and attention! If you still doubt whether you should look for love online, throw all those doubts away! Come to find your soulmate! It's all up to us!

Regards, Karolina

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