Viktorya and Gary

Hello! I am Viktorya.

I believe that everything that happens in our life does so for a really good reason. And when Gary wrote to me I decided not to waste time and take this opportunity. We didn’t talk at all beforehand so you could say it was a blind date. It is so exciting when you do not know a lot about a person and you are going to spend a romantic evening together. When we met we went to very good Georgian restaurant. He was so charming, handsome, suave and kind. I was very glad I had agreed to go on a date with him. I could never have believed that a blind date could be so good.

After our first date, we felt we wanted to meet each other again. So the next day we went for a very nice walk and also on a bike ride. I have never had an experience like it! We were laughing all the time! He was so sweet! It was a day full of positive emotions. We both realised that we liked each other but after he had left and gone home we understood that we didn’t have the same feelings for each other that we thought we had. Maybe it’s because we didn’t spend enough time together but we decided to be just close friends.

Anyway, I want to recommend you to try your luck and register here. It’s a really good way to meet your man. Everything is genuine and the agency and this site will help you so you can be sure all will be good. Be more determined and act! Believe in yourself and you will be so happy! It’s a real opportunity to meet your future husband!

Regards, Viktorya

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