Natalia and Bill

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you the story about my meeting with Bill.

I had a date with Bill when I had almost given up. It happened when I had almost given up. I have been registered on the site for many years but still had not had any serious communication.

Bill lives in Ukraine and he was looking for a lady to live with. He had come to my city to meet a lady who did not turn up to their meeting so he contacted the agency that I am registered with and asked if they could find a nice lady for him to meet. The agency showed him my photo and he felt something click. So, on the same day, he invited me to meet him in a restaurant with an interpreter. When I arrived at the restaurant and saw him, I just closed my eyes. He was tall and big like I had dreamt about. He had a great smile and very nice energy about him. He was everything I could have ever wanted. The meeting went very quickly, we talked and talked and could not get enough of each other. On another day we decided to meet without an interpreter, we had a wonderful walk along the beach, fed the swans and seagulls, drank cappuccino, and again talked and talked and talked. I won't regret ever giving it a try.

Thank you,


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