Natalia and Mark

Hello everyone,

When two people get acquainted on the internet and realize they have a lot in common and their feelings for each other grow each day, they start to imagine the first real meeting! I met a man that made my heart beat so fast, and we had so much in common, we had exactly the same thoughts and wishes, similar views on relationships and family.

When we started to communicate, he immediately impressed me. He was very kind, intelligent, and polite. What did I like about him? Well. The list is endless politeness, compliments, bunches of flowers, and his kind eyes.

Our first date was wonderful. We met on St Valentine’s Day. I can’t say that I fell in love with him at first sight, but he definitely took a piece of my heart from me. My life before him was so simple and when he left, my life returned to as it was. I was devastated without his presence and I decided that this could not continue any longer. I wrote him a letter and told him that I was ready to completely change my life, that for his sake I would go anywhere and forever. Mark has proved that real men do exist and miracles are possible!


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