Robert, Texas


     My story is a bit unique in that I speak Russian on a basic level and I've been searching for a soul mate for quite some time. Of course I've dated many women here in America but I kept searching for someone special. I didn't want to have yet another shallow and hollow relationship with just anyone. Knowing some of the Russian culture I knew that a traditional and loving woman could be found in Russia if your willing to spend the time and effort to make it happen.

     When I first saw the BE HAPPY dating agency I was as always sceptical. I called and checked around and talked to Yaroslav's brother by phone who is located here in the States. I then joined the agency as a client to further analyze their agency. It took only a little time before I realized that Yaroslav and his staff have the best intentions with regards to this agency. It became apparent very quickly that his agency was here to help not only American and European male clients but to help the Russian ladies as well. I found that when I had questions or concerns they were quick to help and assist me and to take away much of my worries and concerns. When I became confused on writing to some ladies I was guided and assisted yet again and this lead me eventually to meeting my match in Tver.

     I can only say that if you're sincere in your desires to meet a soulmate you need to concentrate on one area. Personally I recommend a smaller city in a provincial region. This is where BE HAPPY and Tver are great. Just a short drive from the large metropolis of Moscow and your in a city that is traditional and calm. The quality of ladies in Tver is great and while finding that one and only lady is the goal you can't do it from writing alone. Eventually you'll need to visit someone somewhere and Tver is in my opinion the place to do it.

     The translator's were great, the driver quick and if you need something they will assist you. I can't say enough about Diana and Elena who translated for me. When my special lady had to work they showed me the city and kept me company. I even had a visit with Elena's parents and had a wonderful time with them. They go above and beyond the call of duty to assist each client with their special needs. Yaroslav called me several times including 7 am wake up calls as I forgot my alarm clock and I got to meet with him on a couple of occasions despite his busy schedule. Basically I recommend this agency for their service and dedication which I think you will find hard to beat anywhere else.

     Not everyone matches but I met Maria a wonderful lady and it could never of happened without Yaroslav and his agency. I highly recommend them to you if you wish to further your efforts in finding someone special. Please feel free to ask for my email address and/or phone number if you have questions about my experience, I'll be happy to tell you about them and provide suggestions for meeting that someone special.

Robert of Texas

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