Bruce, New York, New York

      I had a great time! I did not match with any girl this trip,but I do have one excellent possibility and a second dream girl I still am pursuing at this point in time as well. To expect to match with a girl in 11 days is a bit of a stretch for a guy as picky as me. When I arrived in Moscow, an excellent Be Happy translator Diana was there to pick me up out of the gate to get me to the car with a driver to take me to Tver. I arrived on a Friday. I would advise all short time seekers to arrive on a Friday and get in at least two weekends prior to leaving town. The reason is that you want to meet the girls early and that most people are off on the weekends. You ideally want another weekend with a good girl / girls to help whittle down the girl(s) you want to keep contact with when you leave. This agency works hard to get you matched within the 10 day time period - but it is up to the individual to make the right choice for himself. Be Happy personal were great about advising me / guiding me towards girls they felt were best for me / really liked me etc. I was really suprised with the quality of girls that I met. Tver indeed still does have many beautiful eligible girls and Be Happy works hard to get sincere beautiful girls in their agency. If you want to meet a girl in another agency they will find her for you as well.

     Be Happy dating agency really did everything they could in their power to keep me as happy as possible during my stay in Tver. Yaroslav, owner of Be Happy dating agency put me up in a typical Tver flat in the center of the city easily within walking distance to the Be Happy office as well as the hot nightclubs in Tver as well.

     My initial dream list of 30 girls was whittled to 15. When I first arrived Richard helped me pick another 10 girls besides the scheduled 15. I actually managed to meet 24 out of the 25 girls. The one I did not meet was a 20 year old smoking hot girl I wanted to check out - so no real harm there anyway. Most girls I met within the first three days ie. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. A few girls took persistent calls / time to get them in to meet me - but they have lives as well and when you arrive it is just a fraction / slice of circumstance and time.

     The Friday night I arrived I met three girls. It just turned out that I should have stopped with the second girl (most observers would say I should have just stopped after meeting the first girl), because the first one was my best and the second my second best - ie. I still have not made up my mind on the girls / they have not really made up their mind on me as well. Hopefully one will not find about the other so I do not lose them both. In any event, it is good I saw the other girls so the what if factor was answered.

     Some nights girls I really wanted to see were not available, so Yaroslav always made sure I had at least a top five girl to go out with / go bowling, shoot pool etc.

     Yaroslav really went out of his way to help me. One other thing about Yaroslav is that he is an optimist with a very positive helping attitude who always has a smile on his face.
It was a whirlwind trip for me. As a going away present Be Happy let me take pictures in their photo studio, pick prints of the best photos as well as made a calendar with my favorite picture of me for 2004 in it.

     Over the next week I'll add more details. Right now I am too tired to write some more.

     It is hard for me to do a day by day heavily detailed trip report because it was my third trip to Tver and eleventh trip to the FSU.
One thing about me you all should remember is that I thoroughly enjoy the process of travelling to, meeting, the differences between cultures, the beauty of the girls, the temporary differences in lifestyle, the food, the decisions and all the sequelae a trip using a great full service agency like Be Happy provides. My nature and enjoyment when I am over in Russia, makes it hard for me settle - in a way, I almost have to have the girl of my dreams with good character. It is important for me to remember that the really pretty girls usually do not have the character I also am looking for (though their are exceptions) and that leads me back to the process...

     When I was over on this trip I met another American who had previously done a fiance visa with a girl from the other agency in town, sent her and her child back to Russia after a less than 90 days stay at his home in the USA and was now staying for a two month clip while working with Be Happy personnel to meet the girl of his dreams. His experience with the Behappy agency was as good as mine. It was great meeting this man and finding another friend with similar interests - primarily being the pursuit of meeting and marrying the best Russian girl for each of us. It is really cool meeting fellow board posters as well.

     It was a lot of fun hanging out at the Zebra club - though the music gets loud after a while, as well as the City Club - which got a little too crowded on Saturday night with a younger crowd as well as the Lazurnia club. I did not check out the Mirror club during this stay but had the best time at the Zebra club, because we had a large group of people, the sushi / food is good and the house just pulsed to the latest dance music while filled with gorgeous young girls the other Saturday night I was in Tver.

     For those of you who like to play pool, Academy is a hall you usually can get a table in the center of town. Bo cafe usually has the tables taken, City Club is expensive and on the weekends the table usually is booked. The best combination of a decent dance club / with alot of pool tables is the Lazurnia club. The problem with the Lazurnia is that they do not have the best food, and they do not have the best selection of top shelf Russian vodka. I did have a great time there on two nights playing pool with two beautiful girls (dates) who were not for me due to my belief they were more interested in my wallet than my character as well as dancing with a girl I picked up there later in my trip on an off night when I could not see one of my top two girls. One of these good time / green card / immature girls (did not want to take the time to really figure them out) I played with had really nice legs / body, wore a leather mini-skirt which revealed as much leg as possible and was able to actually run the table with one hand on the pool stick. She was really tough for an amateur pool player like me to beat - (she beat me 4 times in a row in close games at the city club and 5 games in a row at Academy) but I did get revenge one night at the bowling alley (which is out of the way, decent lanes, but expensive - good for one experience).

     One other thing about Yaroslav (owner of Behappy2day) that really was nice is that after I used an internet cafe the second day of my trip to check my email and had a hard time / wasted my time he said I should forget about using the internet cafes and just use a computer at his office. He had three computers always connected to the internet, so I did not mess up his operation while checking email for 10 to fifteen minutes each day. This was just another example of how he tried to make everything during my stay as easy as possible - something I always will remember and why I will go back to use his agency's help to stay in Tver during my future trips there.

     This trip was a whirlwind trip. I had more than enough beautiful, interesting, outstanding girls interested in me. I just felt like I loaded the bases in the ninth inning of a tied game, had my teams slugger coming up and the rains came - so I have to finish out the game four months later - with who knows which of the same players available. That is why my advice is that whenever possible stay for as significant period of possible in the city you are visiting - especially when you have your hands full deciding which girl is the best for you and why.

     The bottom line is that I will correspond / continue to speak with my top two until something shakes out one way or the other. My friends in my office have looked at the limited pictures I took with both girls, listened to information about each and have decided that the school teacher is the best for me - girl number one.......but only time will tell what will happen. Ultimately, the girl does the choosing.

     I am happy to entertain any specific questions / will provide more information as I get time etc.

Bruce from New York.

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