Robert, Arizona

      I would like to share with you my personal experience with the Be Happy agency in Tver.

     Before I write further about my experience with Be Happy, and its principals, Yaroslav and Ruslan, let me tell you where I'm coming from. My interest in possibly meeting a woman began about 3 years ago. Since that time, I have enjoyed the opportunity of personally meeting or dealing with the owners and personnel of various agencies . I have traveled to the FSU, had the pleasure of meeting several ladies, and have even had to deal with a few rather clever gold-diggers. By most measures, I have joined the ranks of the veterans.

     I will soon be leaving for the FSU on business. My planning for this trip has been challenging, as I have wanted to combine in this trip both business and pleasure - the latter in the form of possibly meeting a new nice lady from the FSU. However, my scheduling, time limitations, and other limitations on travel have made it a somewhat daunting task for me to connect with any particular lady in whom I might have a special interest.

    In anticipation of this upcoming trip, almost a year ago, I began to contact agencies regarding my plans to see what they could do to support my objectives. I had a mostly pleasant experience interacting with all of the agencies I listed above. As I learned, each agency subscribes to a particular business model, each with its own strengths and limitations. Generally, each agency learns what it does best, and then sticks to it. This is a sensible business strategy, and a good way to maximize your margins, even if you must sacrifice volume (i.e., more customers). But, because of this, I found it rather difficult to obtain the particular support that I was seeking from an agency. And, as time went on, even more and more unusual and shifting constraints developed

     regarding my travel planning. Enter Be Happy. Several months ago, I contacted Be Happy. I was immediately impressed with their orientation toward customer service. They were friendly but serious, attentive but respectful, and consistently offering to help me in whatever way they could. I felt relieved, and I also felt that my potential <

     patronage was thoroughly appreciated by this new agency, Be Happy. I began to work with them to develop a plan that would work for me in meeting a nice lady in Tver. I provided to them the same set of constraints and objectives that I had presented to all of the other agencies. Thankfully, both Yaroslav and Ruslan at Be Happy responded "Yes, no problem." about 98% of the time. Not only did they respond positively, but they also responded promptly, and thoroughly.

    I've been in business a quarter-century, and have learned to do a certain amount of "due diligence" before going too far down the road with any new relationship. As the Russians say, "Trust, but verify." As we say in America, "the proof is in the pudding." After nearly 6 months of dealing with Be Happy, I can say that my experience has been very, very good. They have performed professionally on each and every element involved in my travel plans, as well as my plans to meet a nice lady. I can honestly say that there are a few American companies (of all kinds) that could learn a thing or two from Yaroslav and Ruslan regarding customer service. As an agency, Be Happy has earned my respect and my patronage. I recommend that all men interested in visiting Tver consider doing business with Be Happy. You should give them an opportunity to demonstrate to you their level of customer service. I found it impressive. I chose to work with Be Happy because they offered superior service, and for me, they were able to get the job done.

Robert from Arizona

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