Ekaterina from Antratsit, Ukraine

city: Antratsit, Ukraine
We are really glad to admit that there are many talented ladies in BeHappy2Day female catalogue. A lady with ordinary pictures and a common profile can turn out to be a really creative person with a rich inner world. We can proudly say so about one of our ladies Ekaterina from the city of Antratsit, Ukraine. She is glad to let you into her life telling you a bit more about herself and disclosing one of her passions to you.
They say that “Music expresses something that cannot be said and which it is impossible to be silent about.” I think that is true – music is something that lets me speak to this world without saying a word. When I am sad, I may turn my favorite music on and my sadness will fly away. When I feel happy, my high spirits are united with the music and it makes me even happier.
I have a passion – I love playing drums. I know it is not easy to believe. Usually people after hearing it ask me: “Do you play drums?? Really? We have used to see big guys at the drum set, but not a girl.” That is true, I do really play drums. Once I have tried it and since that time I am in love with drumming. It gives me pleasure, energy and inspiration.
And if a painter paints pictures on canvas, then musicians paint their pictures on silence. And I hope you will like my picture I have painted for you in my video.
I wish you to have a great day and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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