Tatiana from Mariupol, Ukraine

city: Mariupol, Ukraine
This week we are glad to introduce you a graceful lady Tatiana from Mariupol, Ukraine. This time Tatiana prepared a special message for you, full of sea spirit, sun rays and bright emotions, because this lady is always positive and joyful! Would you like to know more? Here are Tatiana’s letter and wonderful photos.


I am a pearl on this coast: del­i­cate, frag­ile but no less pre­cious. If my man, my one and on­ly, finds me among the un­steady sand, he will be­come the rich­est man on this plan­et. He will get the amaz­ing trea­sures of love, care, the beau­ti­ful ro­man­tic soul of a faith­ful wo­m­an, and fam­i­ly sup­port. The pearl of my heart is able to give the light in the dark of dai­ly rou­tine and problems. I’m look­ing for my cozy shell and pro­tec­tion. I’m sure my savior is al­ready close.

Maybe it is you? Hur­ry up! Other­wise the sea waves will car­ry me in­to the abyss of the wa­ters. I’m wait­ing for you, my on­ly one! Come and save me! Don’t lose the chance to gain a re­al trea­sure. I'm a ro­man­tic wo­m­an with a beau­ti­ful in­n­er world. I live in the ci­ty by the sea, and I feel lone­ly with­out the warm touch of a lov­ing man. My biggest dream is to love and to be loved for life...

With love,

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