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Mark, Denmark

Hello Behappy, 

Many thanks for video connection in your live chat. It is tuned to perfection! I found it to be very easy to use, and it is always a fun time to see each other when I chat with my lady; we call it a virtual date and we love it!

Pierre, South Africa

Thank you very much for rendering a fantastic phone call service. I had the opportunity to speak to my dear lady and can only vouch very positive on the way it was handled by the translator. She did a phenomenal job and helped us to communicate effectively. My regards to the lady - she did very well.

Steve, Holland

Hi, guys,

Your new Live Chat is an amazing thing I should say. It is very easy to use and very affordable. I love ladies on your website and my favorites are online pretty often, so we do enjoy our communication, that has become much faster with Live Chat.

Stuart, South Africa

Dear Be Happy!

    Thank you for the update, and thank you for the call. The translator was fantastic. It was quite relaxing, she was very professional. I will make a new deposit soon.

Henry, Dermark

I want to thank BeHappy staff for their prompt and professional gift delivery service. I order flowers and chocolates for my lady pretty often, and we are both happy this site provides the services, as I can show my feelings by this, even though we are on the opposite sides of the world. Many thanks!

Stephan, Holland

Hi, everybody! Iíve just come back from Tver, where I went to see my beautiful Maria. I hope she agrees to become my wife! Iíve been corresponding with my Maria for 8 month with the help of BeHappy2day staff. They helped to translate my letters to Maria and Mariaís sweet letters to me. People at BeHappy are very helpful. I am planning on visiting Tver again in spring 2012 and proposing to my Maria. Before…

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Irina and Dave

Irina and Dave found each other with the help of Behappy2day on May 26th, 2011. They were introduced and started to exchange letters half a year ago when Irina just joined the site and made the first step towards her dream. This dream was to find a man who will take her in his hands and will never leave her without tender care and support. They were writing each other of their past,…

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Sean and Irina

BeHappy is glad to share with you one of our latest success stories. You might have read the story of Sean and Irina who got acquainted in 2007 with the help of BeHappy. Their correspondence via BeHappy developed into a relationship which in turn, led them to a marriage. They got married later in December 2008. Shortly after, Irina moved to Great Britain and the couple lives at Seanís place to the present…

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Mark, Bedford

Dear staff,

I canít stop admiring new options which you feature at your site. And this time I would like to thank you for the Virtual gifts link. Itís very helpful in developing relationships and lets my letter be more attractive for ladies. I have noticed that they have started responding to me much more often than before. So, I am courting a woman and getting her attraction without even leaving my house. Itís very convenient.

Curtis, London

Hello Be Happy!

I just wanted to say that I really liked your new virtual gifts feature. Itís really very convenient; my lady gets them along with the letter and is really happy about it. She thinks that itís a very nice way for me to let her know that I am thinking about her. I hope that some day you will provide your ladies with a chance to send us, men, some virtual gifts. We also…

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