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Marek, Slovak Republic

Hi there,

Despite the fact that I was quite worried about presence of an interpreter as a third person in conversation with my woman, the phone call service worked out finely for me. 

Jarek, Estonia


Your Gifts&Flowers Service is quite a thing! How else can I make a surprise to my lady who lives so far away from me?

Hans, Germany

How are you all doing? I don’t know how you managed to collect so many incredible ladies here! Anyway, your site impressed me quite a lot. Chatting with ladies is a real delight. And I’m eager to try Video chat and 2way video chat – they must be superb.

Arturas, Lithuania

Hi, there!

I have such a good time here. I enjoy chatting with nice women – they’re so nice and open-minded. It’s easy to find a lady who is ready to chat because this site’s navigation is rather handy. 

Tito, Switzerland

When I signed in or the first time I was really surprised by the database of the ladies. So it is a great place for lonely people who want to find a soul mate because here it’s impossible not to find a match!

Nestor, Argentina


I can’t express how grateful I am. You do a great job helping lonely hearts to find each other. I am really inspired by stories “Happy match”. I do believe that I will find my spouse here. I am already halfway. 

Luca, Italy

Dear BeHappy2day!

I’d like to thank you for your site and cool services that it provides. Especially I want to thank the interpreter that made great job during our phone call with my lady. I don’t speak Russian and she doesn’t speak English so interpreter helped us a lot to understand each other and have pleasant conversation.

Jacob, the Netherlands

Hello BeHappy2day.com,

I would like to thank you for professional organization of Video Calls – the option I love the most. It is a great delight to talk to my lady. Staff makes everything go very smooth and deals perfectly with any sudden cases. 

Karcian,Trinidad and Tobago

Hi, I am very pleased with everything and how it went even when I was on my job. I am so happy with the lady, thank you very much, I can say that even in my hardest moment you give me hope never to give up and I am the happiest man in the whole world and thank you for such support.

David and Fengxia

David and FengXia

Fengxia (English name is Christine) lived in China when she first registered with behappy2day.com dating site. She had been a member here for two months, then one day she received a message from an American man named David. She looked at David’s profile and thought he was quite handsome and sounded like a nice person, so she replied to his message to see if he was still looking to meet someone…

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