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Elena and Eril

My name is Ele­na, I am from Ukraine and I would like to share my ex­pe­ri­ence here with you. I want to en­cour­age any­one who doubts whether on­line dat­ing does or does not work.

First let me tell you why I came here to find a man. Ev­er since I was young I dreamt of trav­elling and vis­it­ing all six conti­nents…

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Oksana and David

I have been mar­ried but we have since di­vorced. To be hon­est I was ex­treme­ly scep­ti­cal about on-line dat­ing but my daugh­ter told me about this ser­vice and helped me to sub­mit my pro­file. She helped me to be­lieve that I did still have a chance to find hap­pi­ness.

I met an in­ter­est­ing man quite quick…

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Stephen, USA

You go through life meeting some interesting people but meeting that one special girl can be a real challenge! No more!
I signed up to BeHappy2Day in the hope of finding a nice Slavic lady. I have always admired their beauty, determination, and independence. It’s so different from American girls. In summer 2018, I met my special girl. Her name is Sasha – she’s changed my life.
Thank you to everyone involved with this…

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Mianna and Han

Love is pow­er­ful and un­pre­dictable. I have al­ways be­lieved in this and had wait­ed for such a mo­ment to hap­pen in my life. And it did hap­pen. Maybe it was destiny be­cause I re­ceived the first let­ter on Va­len­tine's Day.

I even­tu­al­ly met the man of my dreams in re­al life but be­fore that…

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Eulogius and Irina

Hel­lo! I want to share my hap­pi­ness with you. I hope my sto­ry will be in­ter­est­ing for you to hear.

It was quite dif­fi­cult to find the right man with the same in­ter­ests and goals as my­self in my na­tive town. I tried to find such man in Ukraine but it was on­ly here that I found him!

Af­ter let…

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Johann, Norway

I live near the cold sea and I’ve never imagined finding someone who would love to abandon her sunny coast in Odessa just for me. And here she is, my Elena, who is coming to live with me! This site made every our step to fall in love easy and smooth and we are so grateful. Warm greetings from the north!

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Alan and Natasha

It is my turn to tell you about our first date. He came in­­­to my life like a flash­bulb! I liked him im­me­di­ate­­ly! The mo­­ment I saw him, I was smit­ten.

We met at the lo­­cal park in my home town on Sun­­day, three months af­ter we had first met on-line. He asked me to go for a walk and I liked this…

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Freddy, UK

I was twice divorced from women from my home city here in England and needed something new. It had been a couple of years since my last marriage broke up and so joining BeHappy2Day was a bit of a gamble. It was a leap of faith – I knew there had to be something more for me out there. The website makes it so easy to meet amazing women from all over the world. I began…

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Kang and Jack

Kang is from Chang­sha where she works at a school as an En­glish teach­er. She has told us that she comes from an or­d­i­nary fam­i­ly and that her par­ents are very tra­di­tio­n­al.

Jack is from Ca­na­da and he joined the dat­ing site be­cause he likes Chi­nese cul­ture and Chi­nese ladies be­cause he be­lieves…

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Quian Quian and Zahir

Qian Qian works as a cos­met­ics sales­per­son. She is a very easy go­ing and open mind­ed girl who loves to trav­el.

Za­hir is from Viet­nam where he works as a sailor. He said he nev­er thought that he would find a girl­friend out­side of his own coun­try but it turns out life can be amaz­ing.

They got to know each other…

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