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Richard and Shanshan

Richard is from America but he has been teaching in Shanghai for the last six years so he can speak very good Chinese. He likes China and the culture here. He has told us that he would like to find a Chinese wife and he would choose to stay and live here in the future.†

Shanshan is from Changsha but now works in Shanghai at a university. She likes Western culture and she likes to…

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José and Nuvia

Hello Iím Jose and I had been with this agency for two years before I found my most wonderful love, my sweet angel Nuvia in Cali, Colombia. She was lonely like me and I fell in love when she started to send me letters and we chatted every day with the help of the agency staff and translators. She was so dedicated and showed so much interest in me and my life.

I traveled…

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Gordon, England

Iím a single father to two amazing sons. However, being a single dad makes it hard to find time to go out and meet new people. I wanted to meet women that were different to who I may find locally as well.

Online dating websites give you that freedom and a world of possibilities. BeHappy2Day.com took things a step further by opening the world of dating up to the beautiful ladies of Russia…

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Maria and Benno

My life is amazing now! Itís like a honeymoon but itís lasting so much longer and itís so wonderful! And my husband is the best man in the world. I found him through the internet and we met several times in Ukraine where we had really pleasant dates in my town. There was a physical attraction and we felt the chemistry immediately. Then he invited me to see his country and I…

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Jan and Juan

Jan and Juan meet on our site and soon they will be happily travelling around the world together. Jan lives in Sweden where he has a big family. He is now retired and ready to enjoy life with a woman. He had been fond of Chinese culture and women for a long time and then he finally had a chance to talk to a pretty Chinese girl called Juan who stole his heart. Juan is…

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Marina and Franz

I want to tell you about my meeting with a nice man I met through this site. He is from Germany and his name is Franz. We met in real life without having really spoken very much on the site first. He had always dreamed of visiting Kiev because he had heard a lot about my country. Even though our meeting was in winter, it did not stop us from visiting and seeing many sights…

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Gustav, Sweden

Last summer I went to Russia for the first time in my life. I was so surprised how many beautiful women there were. When I came back, I started to surf the Internet trying to find a proper place where I could chat with pretty ladies from this country. Then I found this site. It didn`t take long time to meet here a girl and start to talk. Now I`ve got serious plans…

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Daria and Brett

My name is Daria. Having joined a marriage agency, I believed that I would find love, wherever it was. And indeed that is what happened. I met a man from Canada called Brett, we began to correspond and we very easily and openly shared our dreams of a family life in our letters. Then we had a Video Chat when we saw each other for the first time in our lives. It was really interesting…

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Tom and Li

Tom and Li met on our site and they plan to get mar≠ried at the end of this year.

Tom was born in≠to a big fam≠i≠ly with 5 kids who his par≠ents loved a lot. He is now the fa≠ther of three kids him≠self. He is a very hard work≠ing man who loves life and his fam≠i≠ly. He got di≠vorced be≠cause his ex…

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Tommy, USA

Hey! This website rocks! I visited Moscow twice for business last year and noticed how beautiful so many of the ladies are there. So, I found this website online to see if I could find a Russian lady of my own! Bingo!!

I did just that. In fact, there were so many lovely ladies that it was great just speaking to them and getting to know them. Pretty quickly I spotted Annaís profile and…

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