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Yuliya and Jamanaka

Hi everyone!! My name is Yuliya and I live in the city of Kiev.

I'm writing here to share my thoughts about searching for love online. I used to very much doubt this way of finding love could work but now I am convinced that it is an incredible way to meet your beloved one, especially if you work or study a lot and don't go out socially very often. Thanks to this…

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Yulia and Jim

Hello! I am Yulia

In my opinion, love is something that requires determination, faith and, even to a certain extent, courage. Not to be afraid to take a step forward, listen to your heart and believe in it unquestioningly … these were the thoughts that I had in my head when I agreed to meet with Jim. 

It was almost a blind date since we had almost no communication online. Jim came to Ukraine to meet…

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Olga and Viktor

Hello dear friends! My name is Olga! I'm from Ukraine.

I like to make spontaneous decisions. I’m a person who takes risks so when I had the opportunity to register on this site I knew I would do it. When I joined, I realized how kind the people who work here are, they always helped me when I needed them to. So if you’re still thinking about it, take a risk and…

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Juliya and Dallas

Hello! I am here to tell you my story.

I wanted to find somebody who would support and understand me. I began a relationship with one man from Canada. It was long-distance romance and we had a lot of virtual dates but he wanted to visit me as soon as possible. Since I was super anxious to meet him too, I said yes and immediately began counting the hours until we would finally meet…

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Julia and Rickard

This romantic story began on a cold January day. Julia was in the search of a partner and was looking through the men’s profiles on the “Be Happy 2 Day” site in the hope of finding a good man for a relationship. Her eyes stopped on the profile of a handsome blond man whose name was Rickard, she did not understand why, but this profile really hooked her. She started to read it and…

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Svetlana and Saul

I wish a good day to everyone who is reading this letter! My name is Svetlana! Today I want to tell you my story about Saul! Our correspondence began about a year ago. We were attracted to each other by a common passion for sports and the fact that we both love travelling! We chatted, wrote letters to each other .... but even at the very beginning of our communication we agreed that Saul would look…

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Diana and Park

I live in Ukraine but, ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of getting married and moving abroad! When I turned 18, I decided to join a marriage agency and so I registered my profile on the internet. I already had a very good impression of foreign men! A couple of months after registering, the agency called me and offered a meeting with a man who came from Korea and who was looking…

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Viktorya and Gary

Hello! I am Viktorya.

I believe that everything that happens in our life does so for a really good reason. And when Gary wrote to me I decided not to waste time and take this opportunity. We didn’t talk at all beforehand so you could say it was a blind date. It is so exciting when you do not know a lot about a person and you are going to spend a romantic evening…

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Ernest and Karolina

Good afternoon dear friends!

Where does the fairy tale begin? In my opinion, it begins where dreams come true. My story began right here on this website. At one point, I was very disappointed that I could not find a worthy man in Ukraine, my homeland, so I decided that it was worth trying to look for love on the internet. And so that is how I came to be on this site.

Very soon…

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Marcel, Switzerland

Thank you for the second chance! My life had been a dull road since I had lost my wife and honestly, it was my son who made me register here. At the same time, far away in Siberia, Dasha’s son made her do the same. Well, now these two are joined at the hip and have two loving parents as we’ve married last summer. Thank you and our boys for our happiness!

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