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Don and Elena

Don and Elena - Happy MatchDear site administrators,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my soul mate!Today is a special day because I am overwhelmed with happiness. I am now not only a loving mother, but also a caring partner for my beloved.

Don and Elena - Happy MatchOur story began as many do - we exchanged letters and tried to get to know one another. It wasn’t long before I realized…

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Joel, Australia

Dear Be Happy Staff,

Thanks for all the assistance and services that created my romance. It was a successful experience. I think I have found the love of my life. Unlike many other websites, which are unserious in what they offer, you turn dating into a major part of a person’s life. The English Lessons services seem to be pretty awesome as well, because my date (my fiancé now), spoke virtually perfect English after some time of taking…

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Daniel and Ulyana


I am Ulyana and I don’t know where to start actually…I do know that I am happy now!

My fascination with this man was endless – Daniel was so tender, so hot, and so…complete. I swear to God I had been waiting for this meeting like nothing else before! I wanted to be with Daniel more and more with each passing day.

I enjoyed planning everything so much!  When I was…

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Thomas, New Zealand

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I am a member of your dating website. I am truly eager to see what happens next and what will cross my path. The 2-Way Video Live Chat service is surpassing my wildest imaginations of online dating – it has so many functions, I simply love it! You have all these unbelievably beautiful Russian women here, all in one place! Not to mention their sophisticated manners and loving character. I wish…

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Jeff, Ohio, USA

BeHappy Staff – You Are Awesome!

I can’t believe this is happening, but it’s all real. You have the most incredible Ukrainian  ladies here. You are the genuine dream-makers online! Ukrainian women are so passionate and unbelievably hot and I think (not saying that to show myself off). Recently I met one special lady for me. Now I am planning to go to the Romance to meet her, because I don’t want to miss this opportunity. All the Best, Happy…

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Henry, Canada


I just can’t escape it – I have to leave a feedback for this incredible service. The most powerful thing (for me) that I noticed was all the search parameters I could set, so I can find the perfect match of the woman I would like to date. The letter exchange system was so simple to use, yet so romantic and exciting. I was thrilled to see my taste for women completely satisfied. It’s been a journey – I was so…

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Timmo, Finland

Hi there,

Let me thank you for your excellent job. It’s not that easy to find a good dating website with lots of customer services, but BeHappy stands up to its name 1st class dating service at 100%! Lots of profiles, quick responses, nice support team – everything is here. This place is great find for a single man like me.

Kevin, Switzerland

The one thing I really like about behappy2day is that you can enjoy talking with the lady in 2-way video chat. I appreciate this service since both people are able to see each other’s emotions, it feels so real and sincere, and my dream to meet and marry an Ukrainian woman doesn’t seem impossible at all.

Erik, Sweden

Dear behappy2day,
Big thanks for providing such a useful service as English lessons! It really helped me and Marina move forward with our interaction. Your website is fantastic, I've already recommended it to all my single friends :)

Patrick, Germany

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for great services of this website! I’ve been enjoying the live chat with my lady Olga for quite some time, and recently I decided to try Phone call and wasn’t disappointed! It was really nice to hear her voice and the translator helped us greatly. I will definitely try it again!

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