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Michael, Perth

Hello Be Happy staff,

I would like to use this chance to thank you all for the marvelous and professional job you are doing for me. The translation of letters conveys the very deep sense of what my ladies meant. Your interpreters were just fantastic while completing the phone call talks. But of course most of all I liked being in Tver. I am very thankful to you for that your site has given…

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Robert, Ohio

Hi there,

It’s a pity that Maria and I broke up as it seemed to me that everything would work out between us. Well, we are too different people and do not agree on many things. Nevertheless, she will remain my friend forever and at present I have a wonderful chance to go on communicating with Natalia. We have a lot in common indeed and in June I am going to visit her with…

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Johnni, Denmark

Hello Kate,

So I “guess” I'm back in Denmark after a wonderful time in Tver. But still a little sad because Marina is there and I'm here. I wish we had had more time together before we had parted, but fortunately we are going to have a lot of time together: the rest of our lives.

I would like to say many thanks for the reception you gave me and the service you provided me with. I…

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David, Austin

Hi Be Happy staff,

Your site is really great. I liked the idea of Brunettes VS Blondes a lot. I won’t tell you whom I prefer in order not to offend anybody but I would like to say that this idea is just great. All my friends took part in voting and I should notice that some of them got interested in certain girls and used this chance to get acquainted with them. So,…

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Nick, New York

Dear Ekaterina,

I greatly enjoyed staying in your apartment. It is very cozy and has a lot of useful facilities. What I appreciated most of all is that it’s situated in a very quiet area and I could sleep well, which didn’t happen to me for a long time as New York is a very noisy city.

Matthew, Colorado

Hi there!

I believe that if you love your woman you shouldn’t give her presents only on holidays like on her birthday or St. Valentine’s Day. BeHappy’s gift delivery service enabled me to surprise my Lena every time I wished. Your site had so many wonderful and excellent gifts which fit Lena so much. I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to make Lena’s life and mine so complete.

Ronald, Sussex

You have so many beautiful and lovely women on your site and I just went crazy trying to figure out which one I should meet. The ladies you recommended to me are just great and I enjoyed being with them. And I would like to thank you for your matchmaking service which helped me to find my other half. I did like your personal approach to me and my needs. Ronald from Sussex

Jeremy, Nevada

I’d like to say that I liked everything when I was in Tver. Especially I enjoyed the time spent with Olga at the Italian farm. These were the most unforgettable and romantic moments and I felt so close to her when we tasted cheese samples and rode horses. It was a wonderful chance to get to know her and her daughter quite well. So, now you can congratulate me, I am in love!

Brian, Denver

Hello! I want to thank BeHappy2day for your professional service today. My interpreter was Kate. I want to thank her for helping Alisa and I to understand the words in our different language. I do not speak Russian and Kate did a wonderful job in translating for me. Again, thank you so much for making my life more complete and rewarded for having BeHappy in my life.

David, Los Angeles

Dear Customer Support!

Thank you for your information. You were really quite patient with me and gave me the detailed answer to all my questions. It’s my pleasure to work with you as I find your service excellent and very helpful. I am sure that I will be lucky to find my future wife through your system.

David from Los Angeles

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