Andre and Svetlana

Andre and SvetlanaThe start of our relationship was quite trivial. It started after a chat in the marriage agency. I think our relationship finally started when he came to Kiev. Now, when I recall these memories I do get very emotional, like this only happened yesterday.

Prior to our first meeting I felt so nervous and couldn’t sleep because of lots of different thoughts running through my mind. I knew that chatting at an agency was not as difficult as meeting in real life. Our first meeting was on a really cold day. He was late and I felt more and more anxious and cold. When I set eyes on him for the first time, I was very happy, because he looked just like his photo except he appeared to look even younger and I instantly felt attracted to him.

He was wearing lightweight clothing and I felt the desire to give him a hug, which he seemed to enjoy. I also found his confidence and calm outlook appealing.

We spent a lot of time together, which was really nice. We became really close friends and despite the distance, we are keeping in touch and looking forward to our next meeting.

Andre and Svetlana

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