Meet Kalev and Irina

I have been so lucky to have met such an amazing person through the Internet! It was an exciting way to communicate and a great experience overall.

I felt his presence even though there was a huge distance between us. He was there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, he listened to my personal problems. I was so happy to have him in my life. He became my best friend! I believe that love is a friendship that has caught fire.

Of all the people in this world, he is the one I run to. I knew he was the one. I whisper his name every morning when I wake up. He changed my life in every way. I could not wait to meet him in person!

Our time together was unforgettable! He liked being here and I know that now he is in love with my country. I am sure he will come back again and again. He has a very special place in my heart.

As for me, now I know that anything is possible and I can’t wait for our love story to continue!

Best regards,

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