Meet Sohail and Lorena

Lorena says: “I have never imagined that, after being alone and with 3 daughters, I would find a good man who would love me and take care of me and who would accept my daughters. Sohail turned out to be a fantastic boyfriend and, after a few months of dating each other, I moved to Sweden to be with him. And I never have to cook because my husband is a chef! That's so nice and we are very happy together!

Moving to another country can sometimes be scary because the changes can affect your life in many different ways but I have found a job and all my daughters are studying. For me, Sohail is my hope for the future happiness of my family.”

Sohail tells us: “Thanks, so many thanks for your help and cooperation in organising the documents for our marriage and for making all the arrangements to help my relationship with Lorena be so successful.

At the beginning it was little difficult because of the language barrier but the translators helped me and the agency taught English to my bride and her family. They also took private lessons before they came to live here and now they are teaching me a lot of Spanish too.

I am from Pakistan and I moved to Sweden many years ago, but I have always stayed single. I work every day in a hotel kitchen and so I've never had time to fall in love with someone. Finding a good woman who wants to start a family and build a lovely home is not so easy. I wanted to meet a Colombian woman but I was afraid because, with other sites and agencies, there was never an opportunity to make any actual contact with a real lady. Then I found Lorena and when I saw the pictures of her, I knew that she was the perfect woman for me.

When I started to show interest in Lorena, she responded immediately. She dedicated all her free time to talk to me and I realized that I would never have to look at any other sites ever again. She was the one. She showed me sincerity, honesty and, of course, love. I proposed to her before she came to Sweden so that she could bring her 3 daughters and while we were preparing all the paperwork and travel arrangements, Lorena and the girls learnt to speak English. All this happened two years ago and I really want to thank the agency for spending so much time helping us and organising everything, including the legal services, at a very reasonable price.” 


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