Lilia and Javier

You never know where and when you will meet your destiny. Every love story is so special and ours is no exception. I had been searching for my other half on the site for some time. It was just a normal day when I received a letter from Javier and I could never have imagined that he would become the man in my life. We corresponded for a long time and not a single day went by without communicating with each other.

After 8 interesting months of communication we decided to meet. When we did, I would describe myself as the happiest woman in the world! He made me feel like a very special lady, his attitude towards me was wonderful. We didn’t think about things for very long and after spending 5 days together we made an important decision. We got married. I can hardly believe we did it so quickly but at the same time it was incredible.

Sometimes, love cannot wait and this was definitely true for us. I am the happiest woman with him and we are the happiest couple. We want to spend as much time together as possible. We are so pleased to share our story with you. You just have to believe and it will happen to you.

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